Ai-Kon 2015 Saturday Highlights

Well Saturday has come to a close… Saturday, the day of lineups. The marketplace line doubled on itself, the cosplay contest line stretched as far as the eye can see. This is the longest I’ve ever seen Ai-Kon’s marketplace line, which was kind of crazy. I hope that’s a sign of the continued growth of the event…


There were fewer events that caught my interest today, so today’s highlights will be mostly cosplay related, not that I suspect you mind. First of all, we continue the League of Legends hype with a fantastic Sona cosplay.


Shortly afterwards I ran into this rather unique Sailor Scout whose costume and sign made me chuckle.


But on a more traditional note, this is one of the best Clouds I’ve ever seen. Unbelievable.


Moving onto the cosplay contest, there were two specific highlights I wanted to call attention to, although thanks to my camera’s unceremonious death I was only able to get a picture of one of them. A Big Boss cosplayer came out – complete with cardboard box – and I was able to get a really clear shot of him emerging from the box.


The shot I wasn’t able to get, that I wish I had, was of one of the skits. A group of Love Live School Idol Project cosplayers came on stage and performed a full dance to one of their songs. It was amazing, and I really wish I’d been able to capture it but my camera’s battery just didn’t quite last long enough.


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