Blade’s Edge Update – July

Happy Canada Day everyone!

First I have to apologize. I was hoping to get more done during June, but some important matters came up that I had to attend to that occupied my mind for a week or two and got in the way of my writing, sleep, and everything else. Additionally, work has been ridiculously busy – I’m actually working 6 days next week, for example – thanks to the weather. Hopefully that will be cleared up soon, as I have a lot of content to write over the coming weeks. But despite the sparse content, you guys made this the third busiest month I’ve ever had so thank you so very much for that. You guys are all the best.

But June is over now, and we’re entering July. The summer lull in gaming continues, spring’s anime season is ending, and the summer one is about to begin…


June may have been slow, but we did get some amazing surprises at E3. And I also explored why Catherine will always be my comfort game in great detail at the start of the month and we touched on the best scenes of Trinity Seven. Alucard2004, A good friend of mine, also guest-wrote for last month’s recommendations, offering his recommendations for his favourite game and anime. I also just finished Final Fantasy Type-0 on stream, and am currently revisiting Final Fantasy 7. Expect articles related to both later this month. This month is looking particularly dry, with almost no interesting games coming out – barring any surprise reveals – except for two JRPGs that I am considering giving a try: Lost Dimension and Ar Nosurge.

As I mentioned above, the spring anime season is ending which means it is time for my Spring Anime Review Blitz to start. Expect reviews over the coming weeks for several shows, including Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Plastic Memories, Sound! Euphonium, Gunslinger Stratos and more. The first of these will be this week, once I have the chance to finish it, and we’ll be continuing on what I hope to be a breakneck pace from there.

But probably the biggest news is that Ai-Kon is coming up in only a few weeks. Ai-Kon is Winnipeg’s annual anime convention, and it’s the event I look forward to most each year. I always have a blast there, and I always get a plethora of cosplay pictures thanks to the wonderful folk who attend. My intent is to, as with last year, get my thoughts and pictures up as soon as possible after the event is over, but we’ll see if con-flu strikes or other problems emerge.

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