Event Preview – Ai-Kon 2015

It’s that time again! July is upon us and Ai-Kon 2015 is fast approaching(only a week away!) and I’m thrilled to say I’ll be there for the entire weekend. This is the event I look forward to every year, the event I get the most excited for. Winnipeg’s annual celebration of anime.

This year they’re boasting a pretty solid roster of guests, with Eric Vale, VickyBunnyAngel, the 404’s Improv group(don’t trust the schedule – I guess, in typical Toronto fashion, Winnipeg just isn’t big enough to warrant a mention for them), Terri Hawkes, Ian Sinclair, and their returning mascot Greg Ayres(website under construction, though). I’m particularly excited to see VickyBunnyAngel there as last year’s cosplay guest was one of my highlights of the year, and VickyBunnyAngel is going to be doing a variety of panels relating to cosplay, twitch streaming, and other topics that sound like they’re going to be quite interesting. I was also impressed by how entertaining the 404’s were last year, as I had relatively low expectations which they handily surpassed.

I am a little tentative going into Ai-Kon this year, as their President stepped down and this year’s Winterfest showed signs of some organizational issues that were a bit concerning. There are also some editing mistakes on the website that seem too big to be just an oversight. I hope that these aren’t indicative of problems to come with this year’s main event, but judging by the schedule – which was recently posted – and the love they put into the event every year, my hopes are still quite high.

And, of course, Ai-Kon is an event that shines due to the quality of people attending. I am always impressed by how nice and talented the crowd attracted by this particular event is, and they always make the event special for me. I look forward to getting a plethora of cosplay pictures, and there may even be a special surprise on that front after the event if everything goes smoothly. If you’d like to see last year’s cosplay pictures, check out my gallery pages for the event – there are three, one for a Persona photoshoot I participated in, one for the cosplay contest, and one for the rest of my pictures.

If anyone would like to find time to meet up at the event, or if any cosplayers would like to make some time for a dedicated photoshoot either during or around the event, please let me know and we can try to arrange a time! I can be reached at my e-mail, or you can leave a comment below with a way I can reach you.

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