Gallery Showcase – Ai-Kon 2015 Galleries!

So, most of you by now have seen my 2015 Ai-Kon pictures, and if not… well what are you waiting for? I have two large galleries, one for hallway photos and one for the cosplay contest, just waiting for you! Go on, I’ll wait.

Now that you’ve taken a look yourself, I wanted to share some of my favourites from this year’s pictures. There were so many of them, it was incredibly hard to narrow it down… but after long deliberation, here are a few of the ones I wanted to specifically point out.

First up is a costume I was really hoping to see. I fell in love with the Mother’s Rosario arc of SAO, and Yuuki’s ALO character had a really cool look that I thought would translate really well into cosplays. Sadly I only saw one Yuuki this year, but she did an amazing job of translating this character.


Secondly, I ran into a few cosplayers who were interested in doing a little more than simply posing for a solo picture. When I approached these two, I was expecting to just get a couple of shots of some really cool costumes… but I was pleasantly surprised when they offered to do some simulated battle shots. I hope you enjoy this fantastic shot of Luffy and Zorro from One Piece as much as I enjoyed taking it. And a huge thank you to the cosplayers for being so eager to perform!


Our next spotlight image is an altered character that worked perfectly… here we have the ultimate No Game No Life cosplay: an adorable Shiro who has borrowed her beloved brother’s shirt for the day. The cosplay is adorable, and the concept is so fitting. Now she can go out in public without him because she has his shirt to tie them together!


My last hallway showcase image is a picture that turned out absolutely amazing. Not only is the costume fantastic, but the picture itself portrays them in a way that seems to suit perfectly. The lighting plays up the ominous tones in the character and the shadows seem to be lapping at their heels. It was a unique effect, and it fit the character so well. The only downside… I don’t know the character well enough to name them! If anyone reading does, feel free to comment below and I’ll edit it once I know who it is!


Moving on to a few cosplay contest pictures now… here are my two favourites from the cosplay contest shots I got.

First of all, we have the roller girl from Splatoon. While the costume itself was cool, I was blown away by the detail and scale of the prop. That must’ve been one hell of an endeavor to get that just right, but she accomplished it… and I am amazed.


But, my favourite costume from the cosplay contest was this costume of Sabre from the Fate series. The detail on her armor and the way she captured the nobility and elegance of Sabre’s battle gear was exquisite. It must have taken ages to get it so perfect, and for that effort she gets my ‘best in show’ award, sorry there’s no tangible prize!


There were so many incredible costumes wandering the halls of Ai-Kon that it was nearly impossible to pick only 6… but these were a few of my favourites. Any costumes you saw that blew you away? Were there any pictures from my galleries that you think should’ve made this list? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below!

And once again, thank you so much to Ai-Kon’s committee for putting on such a great event each year, and to the cosplayers for giving me so many great picture opportunities!


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