Monthly Recommendations – Waiting in Line

Last month I helped you pass the time until we got to a month that would have more to do… this month, we’re going to go a bit more focused on that. This month I’d like to give you the best short scope games and anime, the type you can load up and play when you have a few minutes waiting in line for that panel to open its doors… or watch while you sit and eat those delicious convention centre hot dogs(/sarcasm).

So, due to various issues… the Monthly Recommendations are going to be timed a little weird this month. The next week of recommendations are going to be going up on Friday of next week in the morning – to help us all prepare for Ai-Kon. After that, the final week will release on the 27th. Sorry this month has fewer recommendations than normal, life just hit me hard this past week. But hopefully we’ll be back on schedule now.

I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying

First on this list is a little slice of life comedy show about a relatively ordinary girl who marries a nerd. But not just any nerd, an ultra-stereotypical extreme nerd. This show explores, in short ~5 minute episodes, the charming awkwardness of this couple coming to appreciate each other fully while dealing with some of the…. weirdest… side characters around.  They create hilarious moments that are full of inside jokes – so many of them, in fact, that almost nobody will get them all. But you’ll likely understand some, and that’s enough to make these short episodes hilarious.


It’s humour may be fairly limited in scope, with a lot of references to very specific and niche terminology and hobbies, but if you’re in its target audience… give it a look. You won’t be disappointed.

Pixeljunk Monsters

Pixeljunk Monsters is one of the only tower defense games I’ve played that doesn’t feel awkward using a standard controller setup. They did a fantastic job of creating a fun, strategic experience that just feels so at home on the Vita. This adorable little game features a character trying to protect the young of its species from invading predators by converting the trees around their house into various towers. With a variety of enemies, towers, and map layouts – Pixeljunk Monsters is one of the best tower defenses I’ve ever played, and easily the best I’ve played outside of Blizzard’s mapmaking communities.

Pixeljunk Monsters

Ai-Kon is abou to start in just over an hour… so before I wander down, here are my second batch of recommendations aimed at making your line experience as entertaining as possible!

Final Fantasy Dissidia (And Duodecim)

Dissidia is probably the most engaging and satisfying fighting game I’ve ever played. When creating it, the developers said they were trying to capture the excitement and action of Advent Children, the Final Fantasy 7 animated movie. And, honestly, I have to say they succeeded admirably. They’ve created a fighting game that really brings out all of the various stars from Final Fantasy’s storied history and allows you the pleasure and freedom of seeing them shine.

Matches are generally fairly quick, but exciting and incredibly fun, with each character showing dramatically different styles that utilize their character, personality, and history. And, unlike most fighting games, the story in Dissidia is not that bad. It is not a strong story by any stretch, but when you look at it in contrast to the other fighting games out there… it actually doesn’t tell that bad of a story. The story brings the characters out, gives them a reasonable objective, and offers corny humour throughout.

Also worth noting is that Duodecim, the prequel, also includes the full original game’s story and cast along with a few extras.


Since I fully expect to see a few cosplays from it this year, my next recommendation simply has to be RWBY. Created by the late Monty Oum, may he rest in peace, RWBY tells the story of four young huntresses – based loosely on famous Disney characters – as they help to protect their city from the monsters that surround it. The episodes are short(as long as you don’t watch it on Netflix), exciting, and show great humour. The characters are incredibly well done, each with unique personalities, fighting styles, and weapons, and the monsters have a very distinct style to themselves as well.

RWBY is still not finished, with a third season supposed to be in production, but that’s no reason to not enjoy the amazing work done by Rooster Teeth and appreciate Monty’s masterful swan song.


My lines are over for a few months, but yours may still be up and coming, so here’s another week of recommendations for passing the time in line.

Comical Psychosomatic Medicine

Are you suffering from severe boredom in line? Well, this show has the remedy for you. With a good mix of types of humour, a fantastic premise (the episodes are basically psychology public service announcements gone wrong), and characters who mesh together perfectly, these 5 minute episodes will distract you, make you laugh, and keep you primed for when the line starts to move…. assuming you aren’t too single mindedly devoted to watching the show. But don’t worry, they probably have an episode about that too!

Stealth, Inc

I like puzzle games. This should be painfully obvious by now given my penchant for Catherine and my love of the classic Zelda formula(a formula that is, sadly, absent nowadays). So it should also be no surprise that Stealth, Inc is a game I recommend.

Stealth, Inc puts you in control of a robot running a series of tests – if you die, a new robot takes its place to continue the testing. Yep, it’s basically Lab Rat, the game. Each of these stages is short, challenging, and engaging… a near-perfect option for the dilemma of a line.

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