Blade’s Edge Update – August

Alright, so it’s August 3rd… and I still haven’t found the time to do this update for you guys. I’ll admit it, I’ve been in a bit of a lazy mood these past few days, but I have an excuse. You see, I was the unlucky one… apparently most people who upgraded to Windows 10 had it pretty easy. My upgrade experience was a complete nightmare, so after two days of fighting with that… I needed to just take some time not thinking. But that’s all done with, I’m upgraded, everything’s working, and I’m rested and ready to go! So as always, let’s take a look back before we take a look forward.


July was an amazing month… between great growth on the stream, wrapping up Spring’s anime season, and of course Ai-Kon. Let’s start with the biggest first… Ai-Kon’s galleries are up and ready to go, and this was the best year yet. It wasn’t perfect, by any means, but it has been amazing to watch it grow. There are two separate galleries, one for the cosplay contest and one for my hallway cosplay pictures. You can also check out my writeup on Ai-Kon if you’d like to see more of what I thought.

Additionally, I have finished my Spring anime review blitz. The last review was posted yesterday, of Sound! Euphonium. There are a few other shows I’ve been casually watching, and may review over the next month or so, but you can check out my spring reviews here! And, just as a mention, I’ve recently made some highlights of my last Saturday stream special on twitch, in which I played Catherine’s Babel mode, Final Fantasy XIV, Journey, and Rain!

Moving on to this month, I have some big plans for my streaming. Every Friday I’m going to be playing a multiplayer game – something online that we can play together if you’re interested. Some ideas I have in mind – this Friday is going to be Final Fantasy XIV again, but going forward I’m planning to play Diablo 3, Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, StarCraft 2 arcade maps, Heroes of the Storm, and maybe even others like Hex when the cooperative stuff comes out. For anyone looking to join me in Final Fantasy XIV, I play on the Cactuar server, and currently have a character around level 20, one in the mid 30s, and one at level 50. I don’t yet have the expansion, but will be getting it once I reach its content. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there! Also, this month’s Saturday Stream Special will be on August 22nd, game still to be determined!


I’m also starting J-Stars Victory Vs+ which will be my next stream game for during the week, and my review of Final Fantasy Type-0 will be coming in the coming weeks, along with a bit of an introspective on Final Fantasy 7 in preparation for the remake. This month’s recommendations will be on the topic of tear-jerkers – anime and games with scenes that left me bawling. First entry should be up a bit later today, and we should be back on track for every Monday this month.

I’d also like to make a trip out to the park to take some pictures, and possibly outside of the city for some sunset shots. Can’t promise, a lot of things depend, but we’ll see!

Edit: Two things I wanted to address… first of all, sorry about the missing links! That’s been corrected. Secondly, in the hours since this post went live, my stream plans have changed. As a result of a few follows while I was offline, I’ve unbelievably passed 200 follows. And those of you who have been watching know that that means I owe you guys a special stream. Not wanting to delay that too long, I’ve decided that Friday will be that special stream. And, as promised, my 200 follower special will be an all-day Catherine extravaganza where I achieve the coveted ‘True Order’ ending on hard difficulty! After I’ve finished that, if it is not too late, I will be switching to Final Fantasy XIV to close out the night, but I am extremely excited for my Catherine special this Friday starting around noon Central time! Thank you to everyone for your immense support!

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