Blade’s Edge Update – September

We’re a few days into September, and its time to take a look at August and then look forward into September. The summer lull is finally beginning to come to a close, the summer anime season is well underway, and Winnipeg has had the craziest summer weather I have seen in my 30 years here… it’s been a strange month and a stranger summer, but things are getting back to normal.

Looking at August, it started great but really slowed down as life got in the way. I’ve had a really rough last few weeks due to problems at work. I apologize for the limited content this past month, but I really didn’t have the energy to write a lot of the time. I did get a few posts out, with a post discussing Final Fantasy 7’s remake, reviews of Final Fantasy Type-0 and J-Stars Victory Vs+, and my wrap-up of the Spring and Winter anime seasons.

I also hit 200 followers at the start of August on twitch, which was an amazing surprise and the 200 follower Catherine special went amazing! Last month also saw me restructuring my stream schedule a bit, with two new weekly stream specials: Friday Gamer’s Night In streams where I play multiplayer games (like Diablo 3 last night) with viewers who wish to join in, and SRPG Sundays where I wind down the weekend playing Strategy RPGs for a nice, relaxing time. Tomorrow we’ll be continuing Record of Agarest War Zero. Also, this coming Monday, as it is a holiday, I will be streaming all day starting late morning and probably continuing Fairy Fencer f!

Moving on into September’s content though… as the summer anime season winds down, I’ll be starting reviews of several of the anime I’ve been watching from this season. I’ve also been watching Hunter x Hunter and Maoyu from previous seasons, and if I get far enough into those shows, reviews may begin to pop up soon. And I’d like to do another list – I have a few ideas for this – relating to anime in the coming weeks.

The gaming scene is finally picking up, although most of the games I’ve been considering getting are, to put it bluntly, too expensive for me to justify paying full price for. Games like Until Dawn and Metal Gear Solid V have just recently come out, and with price tags at 75 dollars and above for a game I’ll likely only play once… it is just too expensive. So we’ll be continuing to play more of the games I got on sale during the summer sales and reviewing them as I finish. Fortunately the JRPGs in coming months are not suffering from the same price issues, so those should still be able to played immediately – or relatively soon anyways.

Expect a review of Fairy Fencer f once I finish that on stream, and I’ve also been replaying Final Fantasy Dissidia Duodecim and, as I mentioned above, Agarest Zero so I would like to do posts revisiting them. Finally, I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft again, and I’d like to spend some time posting my thoughts about each when I have the chance.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that I will be continuing my monthly all day streams, now known as Saturday Selubrations, and my next one will be on September 19th. A strawpoll will follow in the next few days to help pick the game lineup, but as promised during my last Selubration, Rayman Origins will be played. Aside from that though, keep an eye on my twitter or watch future streams to find strawpoll details in the coming days to help pick the games.

Well, that’s it for today! I hope to see you guys for SRPG Sunday tomorrow, and I hope you all have a fantastic September.

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