Shadow’s Six – Favourite Cutes of 2014/2015

So I may be a 30-year-old dude, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love cute things.  Hell, my wife and I have a collection of adorable stuffed animals and I frequently buy artwork at Ai-Kon solely based off of how adorable it is. So, when I started thinking about the past year and a half of anime and games, it occurred to me that part of what I liked so much about these shows and games were the quality of the Cutes. Cutes of all varieties… from those that just make you smile, to the creepy ones that leave you wondering what might be wrong with them… Cutes that kick ass, and Cutes that just beg to be protected. And it is the Cutes that inevitably make you cry – either at their successes or at their trials.

So here, today, we’re going to help break down my favourites from among them and what makes them special. If your favourite Cute didn’t make the list, I’m sorry – there were just too many, the list was originally more than twice as long as this. Feel free to share your favourite Cutes in the comments!

6) Aria – Omega Quintet

It should come as no surprise that a game about a group of Idols saving the world would have Cutes in it… and, to be honest, there were three that I originally thought of when making this list. Otoha, Nene, and Aria were all Cutes, but Aria stands supreme among the Quintet. Both of her outfits were adorable, her hairstyle was awesome, her weapon choice was epic, but most importantly… Aria had this unique combination of mystery and innocence that elevated her above the rest.


5) Hana – HaNaYaMaTa

I almost put the entire cast on this list. Yaya, Naru, Tami, even the 33-year-old mafia-looking Masaru could qualify as a Cute with his adorable exuberance for Yosakoi. But Hana’s almost inexplicable excitement and perpetual enthusiasm makes her just almost overly cute. She’s so adorable that she almost gives you a toothache looking at her, but at the same time she has this amazing set of ideals that almost any child could learn so much from. She’s a great role model, and an amazing Cute.


4) Itsuki – Yuki Yuna is a Hero

Itsuki is the first of the tragic Cutes on the list. Yuki Yuna is a Hero is a magical girl show following up on the style of Madoka… but adding in an element of hope amid the tragedy to make it relatable. And Itsuki is probably the one whose situation is the least enviable, with her cost proving to be what it is. She’s another ‘Cute That Kicks Ass’ too, much like Aria, but her weapon of choice is vines and flowers, which just makes her even cuter.


3) Ayumi – Charlotte

Ayumi is so cute that her brother alters reality to save her. Yep, that’s just how Cute Ayu is. Ayumi isn’t anything extraordinary, she’s just the perfect little sister that everyone wishes they had. She is sweet, funny, loving, and simply beyond adorable. Just look at that picture. You know you’d alter reality for her too.


2) Elle – Xillia 2

Elle is one of the best game characters I’ve ever encountered, from an overall design perspective. It’s the little touches that make her such a great character… the way she’s constantly comparing everything to her Daddy makes her so loveable…. which just makes the stuff she goes through all the more painful to watch. But her growth as a character and her position in the story combine with one of the most adorable appearances around to make her my #2 on the list of ‘Best Cutes’. A prestigious title.


1) Shiro – No Game No Life

And the #1 best Cute is, without question, our little Genius shut-in Shiro. Not only is she one of the cutest character designs I’ve ever seen, with that awesome hair colour gradiant and the clothing design, but the strange combination of absurdly shy shut in and genius gamer girl is just too awesome. They also did a stellar job of casting her character, and the fact that the ending theme – which is one of the most cutesy songs I’ve ever heard – was sung by her voice actress is simply too good.


So, here we have the best cutes of the past two years of anime. Anyone you were hoping to see that you didn’t? Shocked at how little genuine fanservice there was on the list? Discover any new cutes that you weren’t aware of? Lemme know in the comments below! Hope you’ve enjoyed this list as much as I enjoyed reminding myself of them all!

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