Actually, I Am… Still A Better Love Story Than Twilight

Actually, I Am… is a romantic comedy about Kuromine Asahi, a high school student whose defining characteristic is his pathetically inability to keep a secret. He’s referred to as ‘Open Book’, ‘Leaky Basket’, and other such terms… and is occasionally used by those who know him as a way of getting a real opinion on matters others might defer or refuse to comment on.

Which makes him the perfect protagonist to fall in love with a half-vampire who is permitted to attend school on the condition that nobody discover her secret…


Actually, I Am’s cast is eccentric, to say the least. Nearly every character is either in possession of some ridiculous secret, an extreme personality quirk, or both. Shiragami Youko, the half-vampire mentioned above, is an airhead. Nagisa Aizawa, who we discover is a tiny alien riding an exoskeleton, is also a militaristic tsundere. Akemi Mikan, Kuromine’s childhood friend, is a vindictive voyeur (she thinks of herself as a reporter though) and has her own strange secret, which I won’t spoil today! The only ‘normal’ characters are his friends, one of whom even has the dubious honour of being the show’s extremely perverted male character – because every show needs one of those.


I just found someone I could tell was weird at first sight!

I call the show a ‘romantic comedy’ although there is really very little romance, and what little exists is either unwelcome to or completely misinterpreted by its intended recipient. And despite being such an open book, he sure does a fantastic job of hiding his feelings from Shiragami herself which seems counter to his personality, really.

The show has a weird duality, with half of it focusing on his inability to keep a secret and the other half focusing on the growing number of women, or females of various species anyways, who seem to be either obsessed with or in love with our protagonist. This is not the best harem rendition I’ve seen, but it is amusing enough that it doesn’t fall completely flat.


That isn’t to say there aren’t episodes that completely miss the mark though, and there will be entire episodes where you’ll finish and just sit there wondering ‘why did I watch that?’ The show is split down the middle… with episodes either being so hilarious that you can completely ignore the show’s flaws, or complete and utter failures. The ending was one of the latter, leaving matters intentionally unresolved for the sake of a sequel, even though the show seems to have played all its cards and short of the introduction of something completely out-of-place… has nowhere left to go.

Actually, I am quite glad I watched this show. While a few of the show’s episodes really failed to, well, do anything… overall I had a pretty good time with the show. And, ya know, it is still a better love story than Twilight.


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