Blade’s Edge Update – October

Apparently I completely missed it becoming October. That shows something, but I’m not quite sure what! So let’s get some info about what is to happen this month, and what’s happened last month.

October has Hallowe’en, the first games to come that I’m actually likely to buy in a while, the start of a really busy time in many ways, and the end of the summer anime season. September started a bit slow, but has rounded out to be really fast. This month I finished an amazing JRPG that I sadly missed last year, Fairy Fencer F, I’ve started my summer reviews with School-Live! and Classroom Crisis over the past week, and a Shadow’s Six list focused on the adorable characters that have stolen my heart over the past year and a half.

This is the start of what is likely to be a very busy month, with Hallowe’en, an anime season’s end, new game releases, and a convention…


So first off, the convention. The Central Canada Comic-Con, or C4, albeit not my favourite event historically, is going to be happening at the end of this month and I am excited for another convention and another opportunity to get some more amazing cosplay shots. Last year I had some technical difficulties and the pictures never made their way onto the gallery, for which I apologize… but this year we’re going to strive to get as many of them ready as early as possible, and I hope to be able to get the post-show up by Sunday evening. If anyone else is attending C4 this year, let me know either in the comments below, on stream, or by e-mail at sean(at) and we can try to make arrangements to meet up for a bit! Same goes for anyone who will be attending in costume and would like me to take some pictures.

With the summer anime season ending, as I mentioned earlier, there will be numerous anime reviews coming out over the next few weeks. School-Live! and Classroom Crisis are already done, while Gate, Monster Musume, Charlotte, Rokka, Actually, I Am, and possibly a few others are still to come. It’s been a good season, so I’m excited to write these reviews and am looking forward to getting them out to you all. You can always check here for my summer anime reviews.


On the gaming front, we have a few games this time! First off, Heroes 7 just released, and I will quite likely be giving that a look, although it may not happen this month due to how busy I expect to be. On October 6th, both Disgaea 5 and the new Transformers game are launching, and I am hoping to play both. For those not aware, Disgaea 5 is going to be my next SRPG Sunday stream game after I finish Agarest Zero. We also have Dragon Quest Heroes launching on Oct 13, which I may try depending on the price. On the 20th, Overlord: Fellowship of Evil and Tales of Zestiria are launching, both of which I am definitely going to play. Tales of Zestiria will almost certainly be a stream game, so watch for that. That’s a lot of games, and not a lot of time… so I’m very excited for this month!

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