AMV Spotlight – Charlotte: Back to Life by AnimeMVfanUA

I was a big fan of Charlotte last season, with its unique take on super powers and its stellar cast of characters… apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought so. YouTube user AnimeMVfanUA created this AMV to try to express Charlotte’s amazing story in a much more compressed form, and I have to say… he did a good job.

It’s always hard to try to relate songs to shows, but I think that they picked just about the best they could have. Bring Me Back to Life relates strongly to the perspective of a person being saved from the very worst, which is one of the underlying themes of Charlotte’s story: the power that others can have to help show us who we can be, or who we once were. But he also took this fitting song, and tied it to scenes that almost directly relate. There is one brief point that seems out-of-place – a scene of the character laughing as he flies out of a window – but aside from that one brief lapse, every scene worked wonderfully.

I think my favourite part of this AMV was the way the creator interspersed glimpses of Nao into the scene of Yuu kicking the translation book she made for him. It really portrayed the transition of his feelings and the reason for that book’s importance. The AMV had me in tears remembering this show, and I strongly recommend both the AMV and Charlotte itself.

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