Blade’s Edge Update – November

It’s hard to believe it’s November already. Not only has time flown…. but we don’t even have snow yet. What type of November doesn’t have snow? Oh right… the good type.

And what an insanely busy October it has been, in every possible way. I got most of my summer anime reviews done  -the last one is almost ready – there were numerous lengthy games that came out this past month which have been positively devouring my time, the summer anime reviews which needed to be written, a convention, and a variety of illnesses to deal with. It’s been crazy… but it has been a great type of crazy – except the illnesses, could do with a few less of those.

First and foremost: gaming. Disgaea 5 is continuing to be an amazing devourer of time. It will be my SRPG Sunday game for months to come, and I am thrilled about that because it is fantastic. Additionally, Tales of Zestiria is starting to get off the ground as well. In fact, I’ll be streaming that tonight shortly after this gets posted. The last of the games continuing from last month is probably my most anticipated title of the year – Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter. I am currently replaying the first on my vita and having a blast, but I’m really looking forward to stepping into the second when I am done.

But wait! There’s More! This month will also see the release of the PS4 title Sword Art Online: Lost Song and the second expansion to Starcraft 2, Legacy of the Void. Both of these are games I’m quite excited for. And I hope to be streaming both of those games at some point.

But the most exciting part of November for me… this November marks my 1 year anniversary of streaming. It was late November, 2014, that I first loaded up Catherine to test out my Elgato and try out twitch streaming. In honour of that, on the last Saturday of this month I will be holding a special Saturday Selubration. Saturday, November 28th I will be attempting – for the first time ever – to do a 24 hour stream. During that stream, I will be starting out where it all began – playing Catherine – and then moving on to fan-selected games from a strawpoll starting later this week!

Moving on from gaming, my anime reviews are almost completed. I’ve posted reviews of Gate, Charlotte, Classroom Crisis, Actually, I am…, School-Live!, and Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers. The last of the summer reviews will be Monster Musume, which should follow later this week. Summer was an amazing season, and Fall is looking like it might be as well. If I have time, I’d like to do some previews of a few of the anime I’m most excited for after watching a few episodes, but we’ll have to see how time pans out on that note.

Last, but certainly not least, C4 may be over, but there’s still fun to be had as we get our galleries posted. Unfortunately, as I mentioned yesterday in my writeup, we had some complications in the form of a pair of bomb threats that really threw off our day… fortunately neither of them turned out to be anything serious and we’re both safe but it did delay us in getting the pictures processed.

I think that’s about all, so without further delay, let’s get to it!

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