Monster Musume – The Odd Cou… Harem

Monster Musume: Every Day Life With Monster Girls is, well, exactly what you’d expect. It’s a harem anime about a guy living with a bunch of monsters. You see, on this alternate version of Earth, various species of monsters have been discovered and recognized as people – collectively known as ‘liminals’ – in their own rights. The ‘Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act’ was ordained outlining the laws pertaining to liminals, most importantly that humans and liminals are forbidden from harming one another.


In an attempt to integrate them into society, liminals are assigned – usually voluntarily – to host families to allow both parties to come to understand more about each other. I say ‘usually’ voluntarily because our protagonist Kimihito is forced into the program by Ms Smith, an officer acting both as a police officer and a coordinator of the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Program, who shows up with a very confused lamia named Miia who he is expected to take care of. He probably could have refused, but he didn’t have the heart to turn her away. But that’s only the beginning…

Monster Musume is a harem comedy. Our protagonist is gradually, mostly at the ‘request’ of Ms Smith, given responsibility for more and more female liminals – much to Miia’s dismay as she is very possessive of her ‘darling’. In fact, nearly every episode introduces a new member to his ‘family’, who all have – or develop – some measure of romantic inclination towards him. Kimihito is the glue that makes this all work, since he has a very unique personality. You see, he doesn’t actually see these girls as monsters, he just sees them as women. He recognizes what is unique about them, and welcomes them all – even the slime – into his family, no matter what hardship it means. Although, he does get a little upset at Ms Smith’s frequent oversights…

Kamihito, Smith and Miia

Despite all being obsessed with Kimihito, the characters do actually have interesting personalities and different ways of displaying their attachment for him. Additionally, each of the different species have clear cultures which, despite little exposure, are reflected in their behaviour and the way they treat Kimihito. It’s really very well handled, overall, and it helps to make the show feel like it goes an extra step above being a simple harem show.

I will warn any potential watchers that this show contains content that could be considered not safe for children and is certainly not safe for work. The girls are constantly throwing themselves at Kimihito, and that usually means innuendo, partial nudity, and not-so-subtle sexual gestures and references(and actions). So just be aware of that before watching, as it may offend some. It never bothered us, but it was definitely a bit awkward watching the first episode with a guest over. Not my best decision, even though it was entertaining.

And really, when you’re dealing with this type of show, the two most important things are interesting characters and a good sense of humour. This show has an abundance of both, which makes it truly shine. Just be prepared for a pretty heavy hand on the harem and some incredibly overt sexuality. But if neither of those are going to bother you, you’re going to enjoy your Every Day Life With Monster Girls.

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