Monthly Recommendations – Streamaversary!

This month will mark my one year anniversary of streaming, so lets celebrate that with some special recommendations! This month I’ll be recommending some of my favourite games to stream and some of my favourite streamers to watch when I’m not live myself!

Fairy Fencer f

Back this summer I played through Fairy Fencer f for the PlayStation 3 on stream and it was an absolute blast. The game’s sense of humour was perfect and my viewers really enjoyed all the Data. But, in reality, the game is one of the most fun JRPGs I’ve played recently and I cannot recommend it enough!



Mari is one of my dearest friends, so naturally she’d be my first recommendation when talking streamers. But really, she’s an amazing streamer who primarily plays Osu. She was one of the first streamers I watched, and I strongly recommend you give her a look!


It’s time for another week of glorious recommendations! It’s time to suggest another fantastic game for you alongside one of my favourite streamers – one of the very first people I ever followed on twitch, in fact.

Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve is one of my favourite games ever, despite me never seeing the true ending back when I played it in my childhood. It was such a unique blend of the standard RPG fare and gunplay, that I just fell in love with it back then. So naturally it was one of the first games I decided to stream. Back in January, I believe, I played this game on stream, and it brought in some fantastic new viewers who helped me to uncover all of the game’s myriad secrets and complete the game’s fantastic true ending. An ending that, in my opinion, stands as a true finale for the story, despite the game having sequels.

Parasite Eve


Dom is one of the best MMX and MMX2 speedrunners in the world. He held one of the top four times in MMX 1 for a while, but more importantly he’s an informative and incredibly nice guy to watch play. I started watching him back in May of last year, shortly after I first started watching streams other than the LCS. And it is thanks to him and two other streamers that I am now a streamer… so I owe him a great deal of thanks for that, and for all the entertainment. He is, also, the only streamer I subscribe to because he has the best emotes – in my eyes at least – on twitch.


Hello everyone! It’s time for another week of streaming themed recommendations. This week’s recommendations even have a common thread, dood!

Disgaea 5

This game might become an addiction for me. In fact, if I didn’t have so many other exciting games to play, this game might have expanded beyond SRPG Sundays very quickly. It’s one of the most enjoyable SRPG’s I’ve played. One thing that has made it so engaging is the game’s amazing sense of humour. The game’s dialog is awesome, the random name generator is absolutely absurd, the game’s mechanics include creating giant towers of people and throwing exploding penguins(they’re really called Prinnies but… they’re exploding penguins), and the game even features references to just about anything you can imagine – one archer ability references Fate/Zero for example.

But probably my favourite part is solving the geo-effects. They’re fairly simple puzzles, but they’re incredibly fun to solve. Basically, the game’s levels will have coloured tiles on them, as well as prisms you can use to alter their colour and remove them. If you manage to successfully remove them you do huge damage to enemies and can get really good item rewards. It’s a satisfying little reward loop, and it makes the game far more satisfying than it might otherwise be.


Gill is one of my go-to streamers, but the reason why he’s relevant to this discussion is that he’s a pretty huge Disgaea fan. He even calls his followers the ‘Prinny Army’. But he’s a variety streamer who plays a lot of Metal Gear Solid along with his JRPGs. He’s a nice guy and is constantly interacting with his viewers, which is probably the most important thing to me. And, as with most streamers I watch, I found him when I was looking for some Catherine to watch…


This week is special to me. This whole month has been about my stream, and this week will end with me attempting my first ever 24 hour stream. If you’re interested in helping pick which games I’ll play, you can check out this strawpoll here. Why do I mention this? Well… that’s simple… the first game I’ll be playing on Saturday will be one of my favourite games of all time, and the first game I ever streamed:


I love this game. It is, in my opinion, the greatest puzzle game ever made. Between its multiple endings, the incredible puzzle play, and the infinitely replayable Babel game mode, it is literally a perfect stream game in my eyes. I’ve written multiple articles about this, including this article where I talk in-depth about why I love it so much. If you’re interested in seeing more, pop by Saturday morning and enjoy the game’s hard difficulty!


One of my closest stream friends, who has even contributed for an article here on ShadowedBlade before, is Alucard2004. He is a really nice guy who runs an incredibly friendly stream. He primarily plays the card game Hex, but he also plays other games like Mario Maker and, my favourite game of all time, Super Metroid. And this is the perfect time to check him out… as just following my 24 hour stream, on Sunday at noon will be his monthly ‘Hextravaganza’ – a special stream where he plays all game long and gives a way a plethora of cards to his viewers, new and old. He has also just recently started a guild that will be focused on Hex but open to all gamers who want to be a part of the community surrounding his stream.


My 24 hour stream has come and gone and it was a blast – and ended up turning into 27 hours of streaming with a 20 minute nap in the middle. Thank you to everyone who came by. It’s time for my final recommendations, and you’ll forgive me if I’m a bit brief here – but I’m still tired from Saturday.

Final Fantasy XIV

The last game on this list is the gorgeous Final Fantasy XIV. Probably the prettiest MMO I’ve ever played, this game has been one of my favourite games to stream. I have a few friends who play on the same server and it has been so much fun to join forces with them on stream to tackle the game’s dungeons, also known as ‘Duties’. Like all MMOs the game truly shines when you play with others, and with such beautiful scenery, it’s great to share with everyone.


Scetch is a hilarious guy. He streams during the mornings usually, so I haven’t gotten to watch him lately with my new job, but he’s one of the most entertaining streamers I’ve ever watched. He plays a variety of interesting games, and even does regular co-op with viewers segments. He, like most of the fine people in this month’s streamer recommendations, also has a great community. Check him out if you’re looking for a morning streamer, I think you’ll be impressed.



Thank you for helping to contribute to this awesome month. I hope it’s been as good for you all as it has been for me, and let’s get into December on a good note!

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