Monthly Recommendations – Rich Indulgence

So, the other day a dear friend of mine came to me and asked me for some anime recommendations as she wasn’t in the best of ways and wanted some stuff to indulge in to help her through it. Which got me thinking… isn’t Christmas the time for indulging anyways? We buy expensive presents for our loved ones, consume absurd quantities of egg nog, eat rich chocolate like After Eight Mints and Icy Squares, stuff ourselves silly on stuffing and perogies… okay and turkey if that’s what you’re into. It’s a time to be appreciating the stuff that is just too rich for every day…

So in honour of the season, and in honour of my dear friend (everyone send her their fondest wishes for recovery, if you’d be so kind), let’s talk indulgence!



If you have any interest in sidescrolling shooters – whether you, like me, think you suck or not – Resogun is a great game to play. It hovers in the sweet spot for the genre offering difficulties that are extremely approachable but also ones that will push you to the limit… but where is the excess?

Quite simply, the visuals. This game features a visual feast that will excite your ocular nerves in ways that almost no other games manage to.

Kill la Kill

It’s hard to go wrong with a show called ‘Kill la Kill’ if you’re looking for indulgence. This show features absurd, over the top humour and ridiculous action. The creators managed to take characters to the absolute extreme without making them feel like caricatures, which is an amazing accomplishment.

Additionally, the combat scenes are so rife with excess that it just makes the show feel almost too much to handle. It’s a great option to get lost in, between the insanity and the excess.


Indulgence can take many forms… this week we’re talking humour. Humour to such an extent that it feels wrong.

Disgaea 5

I haven’t reviewed this game yet, but I’ve already recommended it once… I am having an absolute blast with this game. It’s my current SRPG Sunday game, and the sense of humour is fantastic. I could literally spend hours just scrolling through the random name generator is pretty fantastic. Whether you want Underwear Man the Mage or President Ronnie the Warrior… this game has it all! And, it even has someone crying… sorry, sweating from his heart.

Comical Psychosomatic Medicine

This series of medical-inspired shorts focuses on two characters trying to offer self-diagnostic help to the masses. The two characters have a hilarious dichotomy, and work together to provide all the fake education you could possibly want!



Merry Christmas! We’ve gorged on the finest chocolates; we’ve indulged in enormous meals of stuffing, meatballs, maybe even pierogies (okay, and probably turkey); and we’ve exchanged luxury items with our family – getting things that hopefully enrich our lives.

And now let’s indulge in the finest of indulgence: gaming and anime. For our final week, we’re going to go with my favourite guilty pleasures – a game and anime that I go to when I want to overdose on the finer things.

Diablo 3

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as getting a group of friends together and wading through hordes of foes, slicing a patheh through demons in pursuit of that most important of things: Loot.

But Diablo 3 takes things a step further… by completing quests around the world (known as bounties) you get these glorious little caches of items. Opening one is like a Christmas present – you never know what’s inside, but it’s always a fun surprise.

Diablo 3

But the real indulgence comes in what my wife and I like to call a ‘loot shower’. If you accumulate 10 or 20 of these caches and open them all at once, you get overwhelmed in the indulgent sound of legendary items dropping to the ground.

It’s a glorious feeling, and one that is hard to appreciate unless you’ve done it yourself.


HaNaYaMaTa is one of my favourite anime… it’s a fairly short coming of age show about a group of girls trying to overcome the odds to form a school club dedicated to the costumed dance known as ‘Yosakoi’.

The characters are sweet and lovable, the story is simple and charming… but there are three things that make this show special. The character development is fantastic, watching Naru come into her own and grow over the course of the series is strangely rewarding.


But the real ‘indulgence’ comes from the other two star components. First off, the show’s music is fantastic. The opening and ending are fun, lively, and easy to hum or sing along to. And the opening even plays a role in the show, being the song they create for their dance, so you get to see them gradually write and compose this simple song. But to go along with it, this show features some of the most lovely visuals I’ve ever seen, with scenes of cherry blossoms and rippling water… it is simply gorgeous.

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