Comet Lucifer – Your Crystal is in Another Castle

Sogo Amagi lost his mother at a young age… and ever since then, he has been obsessed with the crystals she devoted her life to researching. After getting involved in what is essentially a domestic dispute between two of his friends, he finds himself deep within a cavern face to face with a pillar of red crystal the likes of which he’s never seen…

Suddenly, the crystal bursts and out of it comes an adorable young girl. Sadly, they do not have time to wonder at this strange occurrence as suddenly a mech bursts through the wall of the cavern and attacks them. Making matters more strange, suddenly another mech appears out of thin air and saves them from the first one.

And thus begins the story of a girl who just couldn’t avoid being kidnapped… over… and over… and over again.


We find out that this strange, adorable girl is named ‘Felia’, and that she possesses strange magic powers and a weird worm thing that is her guardian. And that some military organization is very interested in her. Obsessively so, in fact. The entire show is just a string of her getting kidnapped by them, and then getting rescued. Oh, except the one episode when someone else becomes obsessed with her and kidnaps her… and then later joins that military organization. And the other episode where some weird thing kidnaps her. Okay, I think you’re beginning to understand where this is going.

The weird thing is that, aside from the mech sequences, the first few episodes give the impression that the show is going to be about a cute being cute… there’s even a scene with floating dancing vegetables early on. And then suddenly it transforms into some twisted rendition of the Mario series with a series of obsessed kidnappers getting thwarted by some random nobody time and time again.


That isn’t to say that the cute isn’t cute… Felia is utterly adorable and her antics – when she’s not being kidnapped – will bring a smile to your face. Especially the dancing vegetables. Which makes it kind of unfortunate that they ended up going the direction they did since they could have had a fantastic ‘uplifting cutes being cute’ show if they’d just kept the mech stuff fairly light and more focused on overcoming adversity than a gradual progression into Stockholm’s Syndrome… but in stead we end up with a strange dichotomy that, due to the odd panoply of skin-deep emotions, just failed to create any attachment.

And this is the story of the show. We have characters that you want so much to care about but really don’t, circumstances that feel overdone and almost cyclical, and a world that is too underdeveloped to feel meaningful. There’s a lot of potential in this strange world, but we just don’t receive enough of the history early enough for it to really feel like it matters. A bit more of a focus on development could’ve made a world of difference in this anime.


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