The Blade’s Edge – March Update

February is over and done with! We’re one step closer to Winter being gone here in Winterpeg… but before that, let’s take a look back at February. February featured a rare treat for me. It’s not often I get the chance to review a game that was as good as Trails of Cold Steel was… and it was a real pleasure to sing its praises. While there was a very brief sour moment to the ending, the game was overall spectacular and deserved every word I’ve said about it and more. I also finally got the Fall anime reviews completed – sorry about the delay – and my semi-annual anime wrap-up Shadow’s Six covering Summer and Fall.

We also attended Winterfest this past weekend, although due to circumstances beyond our control, did not get to spend as much time as we’d hoped so feedback and pictures will sadly be limited. It is for this reason that I’ll be combining my gallery update post with my Winterfest post-show this year.


But moving on to March, one of my favourite months of the year. Not due to any particular gaming or anime reason… it just happens to contain my birthday. And, even though I don’t really get many presents anymore (I have pretty much everything I could want), it’s still nice to be able to share your birthday with your friends. And this year I have some special plans that involve all of you!

The first of my plans is, sadly, contingent upon my vacation being approved. You see, this year my birthday falls on the Wednesday after Easter… which means I already get a long weekend. And I’ve chosen to extend it by booking Tuesday and Wednesday off… which will lead to numerous days of extended streaming.  Continuing the stream note, my Selubration will be on March 19th, and you can help vote here to pick the games! Finishing off the stream category, I’m currently playing through Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter, and once I finish that – eventually – we’ll be getting a review of that up as well as doing my final 2015 wrap-up.


Next up on the docket are plans for my website specifically, but I’m going to be sharing some personal loves of mine in anime and gaming through my Monthly Recommendations this month. No special theme, just stuff I like. Give you a bit of insight into more of the stuff that I like that I don’t necessarily talk about that often. Additionally, I plan to start something very special soon. I’m going to be doing what I like to call the Shadow’s Sixty – a series of 10 lists that combine to count down my 60 favourite games of all time (or well, all time as a snapshot ending with the start of 2016 because sadly I cannot see the future yet)… I’ve already started some of the preparation for this, but I am hoping to start this list in the next few weeks, and continue with it over the course of this year!

On the anime front, I’m sad to say not much will be happening. As we near the end of the month, some of the anime series may start ending. As they end, we’ll start reviewing the Winter anime season, but I wouldn’t expect many of those before the end of the month.

As a final note, if you’re looking for something interesting to do, a friend of mine is going to be starting a blind playthrough of Catherine this Saturday, so check out Kwitty’s stream if you’d like to join the fun! I’ll be watching as much as I can. Hope to see you there too.

I hope you guys enjoy this month as much as I surely will. So let’s get started!

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