Monthly Recommendations – Weird and Wonderful Weapons

This month, we have a lot of cool stuff coming… but there’s only one game coming this month that deserves to be the focus of recommendations: Ratchet and Clank.

Inomniac Games are notorious for creating exciting and fun games that tend to revolve around some of the most unique and amazing weapons. The arsenal present in the series has led me to offer games and anime with amazing armaments of their own to entertain and amuse you!


Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Naturally, in order to get hype for Ratchet and Clank’s arsenal, the best place to look is, well, more Ratchet and Clank. And what else could I talk about here but some of my favourite weapons?

First, and foremost, you can’t talk about A Crack in Time without being excited for Mr Zurkon. This hilarious weapon summons a robot dude that shoots stuff for you. It’s a cute little flying robot that can be upgraded to become an absolute nightmare of crazy damage. The best part though… Zurkon has a secondary arsenal: his humourous quotes. Zurkon spends his entire time blasting enemies and throwing around all the jokes.

The other weapon that deserves our attention is the Groovitron. What better way to slay your enemies than while they are too busy dancing to fight back?

Yuki Yuna is a Hero

I really enjoyed Yuki Yuna is a Hero. It’s one of the better magical girl shows I’ve seen, despite having a bit of a tragic turn to it. It really did a great job of making tragic events not overwhelm the show. Its story is quite sad, and it has its share of despair, but it keeps the beat out of the ‘suicidal depression’ levels and keeps a hopeful spin on matters. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about… we’re here to talk magical talismans of battle! Itsuki, the youngest – and most adorable – member of the cast, has an awesome, yet hard to describe weapon: she has a ring that shoots out little whiplike rope-spikes. It’s really cool to watch, and it contrasts the more normal weapons really well.


The other interesting weaponry comes in the form of their powerups. Each of the weapons have special superpowered variants they unleash occasionally, and they often take the – mostly fairly regular – weapons and turn them into crazy awesome oversized versions. Yuki’s powergloves, for example, transform into giant floating fists that hover by her side that punch things for her. Pretty damned cool, if you ask me.

Disgaea 5

Our next wacky weapon discussion takes is all the way to hell, as we explore a variety of weapons mundane and magical. Disgaea features an impressive array of weapons including a nail bat, dragon’s breath (which can be used by any monster, not just a dragon), Ninja claws, and a bouquet of flowers. The variety is astounding, and the weapons cover the gamut.


My favourite weapons, though, are the lovable, explosive penguins called Prinnies, dood. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as setting off a Prinny chain reaction. You see, if you throw a Prinny (allied or enemy), it blows up damaging all enemies around it. If one of those enemies is another Prinny, it explodes too. There are even entire stages of exploding Prinnies. It’s such fun.

Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill is a brutal, gory show about assassins. And thus, the weapons are all very effective at what they do. Not content with simple swords, though, each of Akame ga Kill’s weapons is a masterpiece of itself. Even the swords have interesting properties, including a blade whose poisonous touch kills any who are hit by it and a sword that can reanimate anyone it kills.


But the remaining Imperial Arms, as they’re known, are the most noteworthy. My personal favourites are Cross Tail and Extase. Cross Tail is a glove that gives its wielder control over a plethora of ultra-thin, indestructible threads. These threads can be used as weapon, armor, or even as utility – they were used as a platform in episode 1. Extase is a pair of massive scissors – yes scissors – that can cut through literally anything.


Arata the Legend

Arata the Legend is not the best anime, but there were some aspects within it that had real potential. The most notable of these elements was the way it handled weapons. While the system was a bit illogical, there was a really interesting element that had a bit of Highlander and a lot of Megaman in it. It was a really cool system.


Our protagonist has to try to become powerful enough to rescue a damsel in distress (sort of), and to do so he has to convince – either by force or otherwise – wielders of magical weapons to offer their power and knowledge to him. Each of these weapons have their own distinct powers, and they’re really unique – things like understanding of commerce or justice are just as prevalent as the standard combat abilities like ‘fire’. It’s fascinating, and if you’re just looking for interesting weaponry, this is a great show. It does have a lot of flaws though, so don’t expect perfection here.

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

And here we have one of the most underrated games of the PS3 era. El Shaddai was an incredibly unique game that was a lot of fun. So many parts of this game were interesting… its art style was crazy and fun, and the combat was engaging because nothing about it was standard. While a lot of games have done somewhat similar basic concepts – with a light, fast weapon, a slow, heavy weapon and a ranged option – I’ve never seen one that used the style that El Shaddai did.


Each of El Shaddai’s weapons were thematically fitting and offered really interesting gameplay. I particularly enjoyed the Gale, which was a ring that created several projectiles that you could fire in a variety of formations. It was a ton of fun to use, and offered a very unique and agile combat experience. It wasn’t the strongest weapon, but that makes sense given how good it was at dodging threats, it offered a great tradeoff and a strong counterpoint to each of the other weapons.

Our final week of crazy arsenals takes us to twisted fairy tales and a battle between Heaven and Hell!

Guided Fate Paradox

Guided Fate Paradox is a game I imagine a lot of you have never heard of, except maybe from me. It’s one of those niche JRPGs that have come out over the past few years but have failed to gain much traction. It’s a rogue-lite JRPG featuring an epic battle between heaven and hell… which allows you to turn yourself into a tank, a mermaid, a plane, etc. Well, sort of. You see, Guided Fate Paradox features a 5-slot equipment system that allows you to equip a bunch of different stuff. And this stuff gets weird.

Combat in Guided Fate Paradox

And the item system is ridiculous. You’ll get legpieces like robot legs, tank treads, a spaceship… weapons that range from primitive swords and axes to rocket launchers and guns… and so many other crazy combos. And what makes it special is that you’ll actually see the full combination of what you equip. So a tank with wings and a sword… or a spaceship with an axe and missile pods on its shoulder… or a mermaid with a rocket launcher… it’s just a mess of pure and utter craziness. And it’s so much fun.


And our last recommendation on this fine topic… it can be nothing else but RWBY. Roosterteeth’s finest production features some of the most amazingly clever weapons and abilities ever. Each character features a unique take on a standard weapon… Ruby herself wields a scythe that has an explosive charge in it that she uses for mobility and an extra kick on her attacks. One character uses a whip and has the ability to copy herself, another uses a case that transforms into a gatling gun, and so on.


There’s even a scene where all of the characters have the most epic foodfight ever, substituting suitable food for all of their normal weaponry and having a hilarious fight scene that just keeps you laughing the whole way through. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that’s one of the best scenes in an anime in the past several years. It’s fantastic. But there’re so many showcases of ridiculous weaponry in this show, that it’ll just keep you constantly on your toes.

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