Konosuba – Goddess Blessing on this Wacky Show

Kazuma Sato, a teenage boy who has been a shut-in for years, makes the decision to leave home to go buy something. Things immediately go horribly wrong for him, as he sees what he believes to be a girl about to be hit by a truck and tries to save her. After pushing her out of the way, he goes into shock thinking he’s going to be hit himself and dies.

When he wakes up, he is in a magical-looking place. He is sitting on a chair with a pretty girl in elaborate garb in front of him who claims to be a Goddess named Aqua. She tells him he’s died, and mocks him for how stupid the way he died was, and then offers him the chance to go to an RPG-esque fantasy world and slay the oppressive Devil King, and he can take one thing with him – a magical artifact, a useful skill, anything. After being goaded and insulted some more, he decides to take Aqua herself with him, much to her chagrin.

When they arrive, their absurd and crazy adventure begins…


Konosuba follows a relatively common anime recipe: One part fanservice, one part comedy, one part action… oh who am I kidding, five parts fanservice, two parts comedy, one part action is probably closer to the mark. Which is important to be aware of, because this is another of those shows that will scare you away if you’re bothered by fanservice. But if not, well, at least you’ll be laughing.

Sato is put in the position of having to start from square one as an Adventurer – the weakest of the basic character classes present in this world. His stats are low (except for his luck apparently), he has no money or equipment, and his only companion is the inconsolable Goddess Aqua. Though deprived of her powers in this world, her stats are exceptional and she is able to choose to be an Arch-Priest – an advanced class – from the start, leaving him feeling as though his place in what should be, in his mind at least, his story has been usurped.

And his frustration only compounds as they seek to recruit a party to take down the Devil King so their obligation will be fulfilled. He soon recruits Megumin and Darkness, both of whom have advanced classes already – Arch-Wizard and Crusader respectively. You’d think a balanced party with an Arch-Priest, an Arch-Mage, an adventurer and a Crusader would be in a good place to grow and accomplish great things… but you’d be wrong.


You see, each of these characters have absurd character flaws – both mechanically and personality – from which the show draws most of its humour. Darkness can’t hit anything for the life of her and is so obsessed with what enemies will do to her when she loses that she is often blushing and squirming while she stands waiting to be attacked, Megumin refuses to use any spell except ‘Explosion’ which she can only cast once per day, and our Goddess-turned-Arch-Priest? Well, she mostly spends her ability slots on party tricks. This leaves them in a position where they’re unlikely to ever really accomplish anything, but it’s hilarious for us as viewers to watch.

I’ll be blunt with you here, most of the episodes in this show follow a very similar pattern. So if you’re not enjoying yourself by episode 3, you probably won’t be at the end of the series. Similarly, though, if you are enjoying yourself, you’ll continue to enjoy yourself. It’s a fairly shallow episodic format, but it is fun and the humour is definitely present. Just don’t expect rich character development, amazing action sequences, or much growth in the show at all. If you’re okay with a rather silly, simple, shallow comedy… you’ll be happy here.

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