Hundred – Monster High!

In Hundred, the world has suffered untold calamity at the hands of some unknown force, and only magically imbued High School students possess the power to fight them using the mysterious weapons after which the show is named!


Ya, I know, you’ve heard the story before. You’ve probably even heard the version where our protagonist was wounded as a child by this ‘unknown force’ and, as a result, possesses an even greater power than normal to fight them. Hell, you’ve probably even heard the version where this person shows up and on his first day of school immediately develops a harem(including, of course, his sister) due to his high entrance scores, his good looks, and his past history with several characters. It wouldn’t even surprise me if you’ve heard the version where the protagonist faces the school’s top student in a duel before he’s even had his first day of classes…

So, given that you’ve already heard it all before… why watch Hundred?

I’m not going to beat around the bush here, the story is very cliché. All of the elements are there, and all of the elements are prettymuch what you’d expect. But that doesn’t mean the show is poorly written. For all that it doesn’t deviate much from the norm, the writing does create an interesting progression that builds up towards some unexpected moments. There are also a few really cool twists. My favourite is that, while the ‘Hundred’ are predominately weapons, there are some that are used in other capacity. It’s rare that these shows give their mystic weapons a practical application, and it put an interesting spin on the world.


The characters also follow essentially the same lines. They essentially are exactly what you’d expect, filling all the tropes out sufficiently. The characters are developed well, with strong personalities and interesting histories. And, fortunately, there are a few who fall just on the outskirts of the tropes – recognizable, but distinct. But overall, the entire cast are basically just well-handled versions of the tropes you expect.

There is one unfortunate flaw to the whole setup though… the ending few episodes make no sense. They don’t really fit into the overall progression of the show, they don’t wrap anything up, and they build a story arc completely out of left field. What’s worse is that this arc is, quite frankly, really stupid. It all comes out of nowhere, builds up into nothing, and is diffused in a matter of seconds. It’s built on a lot of bad assumptions and ideas that, essentially, make no sense within the show. It’s a really low note to end what is otherwise a relatively good School Battle anime.


So as to avoid ending on that downer, let’s talk action! Which is, naturally, one of the show’s better angles. The battles are exciting and tense, with a fairly interesting dynamic. They use squad-based tactics to add a strategic touch to the combat, making it just a little different from the usual brute force… but just a little. In the end, a lot of it still comes down to our powerhouse protagonist saving the day, but there’s just enough of a unique touch to keep it from feeling stale.

The show’s presentation is quite good, both visually and audibly. On the music front, much like Trinity Seven, Hundred features a series of ending themes sung by the show’s harem. The songs are mostly quite good, and it’s always nice to have songs sung by the cast. There’re also a few in-show concert scenes where you get to hear various songs performed by a few specific cast-members which are also very well-done. As far as visuals go, the explosions are a pleasure to watch and the character animations during their various combat sequences are fitting and relatively smooth.


So why watch Hundred? It all comes down to one thing: Do you like School Battle anime? If so, Hundred is a solid entry that hits all the boxes and has just enough twists to avoid getting boring. It’s interesting, has a fairly well written story, features good action, a pretty solid cast, and tons of shiny battle animations. It’s not going to be the show that makes you fall in love with School Battle anime, though. In the end, it’s exactly what the genre promises, executed well – except for the weird end plot.

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