Anne-Happy – Happy Accident!

Tennomifune Academy, an elite and exclusive school that (mostly) only accepts the best athletes and the most adept academics. Our cast are characters who are not particularly exceptional at either, so they’re all a little surprised to be accepted into its esteemed ranks. Upon arriving at school, they’re placed in class 7 and advised that classes 1-3 will focus on scholastics, while 4-6 focus predominately on athletic accomplishment.

So what does class 7 focus on? Happiness.


You see, all of the members of class 7 have some form of notable misfortune, and Tennomifune Academy’s class 7 focuses on helping them overcome that so they can attain happiness. Anne-Happy follows 5 characters in Tennomifune’s ‘Happiness Class’ as they seek to come to terms with their misfortune.

Anne-Happy is a comedy character drama, with an emphasis on the comedy. The 5 young ladies who comprise our cast are as varied in their misfortunate as they are in personality. The title character, Hanakoizumi Anne (Hanako for short), is an eternally cheerful girl who loves animals. If only they didn’t always want to hurt her… and if only that was the extent of her misfortune. She is so extremely unlucky that her luck almost loops around to be good sometimes. I half expected her to be hospitalized after a snakebite at some point and have to be treated for days, but as a result doctors discover the cure for the common cold. None of the other characters have quite that level of misfortune, but they all have their own unique ‘curses’. Kumegawa Botan is extremely easily injured – to the extent that in the first episode her hand is broken by a gentle handshake. Hagyu Hibiki has an atrocious sense of direction and is in love with her closest friend Ekoda Ren – who is always tired and has a strange affliction which makes her irresistibly attractive to females of all species.


The character who ties it all together is the shy, blue-haired Hibarigaoka Ruri (Hibari for short), who is essentially a normal girl with one very small exception: she’s in love with a construction sign. Her perspective on everything gives us our ‘in’ to the ridiculous shenanigans of this crazy show, but her unique ‘romance’ still makes her fit in with the crowd.

It’s important to have a character like that because the events of this show are even weirder than the strange misfortunes our adorable cast suffers from. Lets just say that the ‘Happiness Class’ has a little too much in the way of monetary resources and creativity at their disposal. If you thought that all you were in for here was a show about unlucky kids living a regular school life… you’re in for a huge surprise here. Because ‘regular school’ in no way applies to Tennomifune’s class 7. Underground facilities, outdoor compounds, robots, and more – all as elaborate as any military facility you might have seen – are utilized to help this class achieve ‘happiness’.


It’s an absurd premise, really. But it works really well to create situations that are both funny and help flesh out the characters a bit. I’m not going to claim the character development is first rate, by any means, but it is sufficient for what is essentially a silly comedy. And, most importantly, the show feels cohesive, despite being so absurd.

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