Gallery Spotlight – Ai-Kon 2016 and Vancouver Galleries

Some of you know we have galleries here on Shadowedblade for my photography – mostly cosplay, although some from my various trips and vacations. For a long time, our gallery suffered from some coding problems that made some of the icons look a little awkward, and my wife (who is also my web designer and editor) has always wanted to revamp them to make them look and run just a little better.

Well, that day has come and we have some sleek, fancy new galleries for all of our pictures. To accompany the unveiling of the new gallery earlier this year, she also uploaded my Ai-Kon 2016 pictures and did some more of the Vancouver trip pictures. So today I’d like to point out a few of my favourites from among those two galleries and point you in their direction!

Ai-Kon 2016 was the first year I didn’t attend the cosplay contest, but that didn’t stop me from getting some really good shots. Put that much cosplay talent in one place and you’ll end up with a ton of awesome costumes and even an amateur like me can produce some memorable pictures.

The first pictures I wanted to point out were a few awesome group cosplays that I saw wandering the halls of the convention. One of them is a massive 7 person RWBY cosplay, while the other showcases Eeveelution cosplay featuring 4 young ladies.

The Winnipeg Convention Center doesn’t have a lot of good scenery for taking pictures inside. You tend to have tables, blank walls, trash cans, or glary windows in the background with terrible lighting. Fortunately modern cameras can make up for that to some degree…. but once in a while you find a place where a picture just works perfectly. In this picture, the strange red ceiling ornamentation over the stairs in the main atrium of the Convention Center provided a perfect backdrop for this Archer cosplay.

Taking a step away from cosplay, I took a trip to Vancouver which is an absolutely amazing place. During my trip, I took over a thousand pictures – of which around 100 worked out to the quality standard I like to show off. You can find the gallery here, and the first of these I’d like to spotlight is a from a short 4 hour cruise I took of the Fjords near Vancouver. This cruise’s spotlight moment is a small waterfall called ‘Silver Falls’ that is simply stunning, and the first picture is a shot I grabbed that I think captures this beauty particularly well.

The other picture I wanted to point out was one that I took with the wrong settings. You see, I had been doing some night shots the night before, and had a lot of my settings set for that… and forgot to reset them back to take better pictures during the day. Which is why this picture, taken during full daylight, surprised me when it turned out so well. The blue tint to everything makes it look like a storm is coming in, but it’s actually a nice day – just cloudy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at my new galleries, and you can check out the full galleries at the links above!

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