Summer Update – 2017

It’s the middle of June. How did it get to be the middle of June? It feels like it was just my birthday… but months have passed. It’s been a crazy year so far, and I’m truly sorry for not writing more for you all these past 6 months.

The reason I’m writing this is to give a bit of an understanding into why I haven’t been writing and to try to set some expectations going forward – hopefully ones I can live up to. I also want to give some info about my new plans for my stream. There is a lot to talk about. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what I want to do and how I want to approach both my website and my stream going forward.

I hope you’ll take the time to read this and share any thoughts you have on these ideas with me.

Why haven’t I been writing? The biggest reason is work… don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to try to start a pity party here because I love my job. But the past 6 months or so have been exhausting and crazy, and it’s only gotten busier since I accepted a promotion a month ago. Again, not to cast any wrong impressions here – I am enjoying it and it has been a great change for me. But it has led to less time during my work hours to write. I used to get a fair bit done during quiet times or during breaks at work, and I simply don’t have anywhere near as much time to do that anymore.

Secondly, I’ve been struggling with ideas. When I have a review to write, I’m able to figure out what to say… but I’ve been suffering writer’s block when trying to tackle any of the additional ideas or projects I want to do – which includes some suggestions I received from some of you about things you’d like to see me write. I promise, I haven’t forgotten about those suggestions and I do appreciate them. Delivering has simply proven harder than I expected. I am currently working on one of the ideas offered, but I’m having a lot of troubles figuring out how best to structure it. But please, don’t be shy – if you have ideas, send them to me either in the comments below or on my stream, discord, twitter, or e-mail. I can’t guarantee I’ll do them, but I’ll certainly consider any ideas. Thirdly, there have been some minor health issues to deal with. Nothing serious, mind you, just minor things like sleep deprivation, pain problems, and the like. However, when it comes to something like writing… even a minor issue can get in the way of creativity.

Now, I’m not meaning to write this just to provide excuses, as I’ve been doing a lot of internal debate on what I want to do going forward. As far as ShadowedBlade goes, my plan is still to review every game I stream. However, with my current stream schedule, that could lead to fairly infrequent posts. As far as anime goes, I’m not going to stress myself to watch every show I can, in stead I’ll focus on a few shows that catch my interest at a time, and review them as I finish – whether the shows are new or old. While I do plan to do more than just that, I am going to commit to a lot less. My work schedule simply will not allow me to do the same amount of writing as I used to. So my plans are to focus on the reviews I can do, and then fit in other posts like Muses or Shadow’s Six as they make sense and when I have the right idea.

Moving on to my streaming, I’ve recently updated my schedule in a similar way. I’m committing to fewer scheduled streams, only 3 per week now – Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Tuesdays I’ll play faster paced games – often things like action rpgs or platformers or other such games. Thursdays, on the other hand, will be devoted to story-heavy games such as JRPGs or visual novels. Sundays are wildcards, with the time and games being dependent upon my schedule. Aside from that, I’ll try to do bonus streams where I can so I encourage you to join the discord or follow my twitter to get updates as twitch’s notifications are not terribly reliable. I do expect Final Fantasy XIV to be a regular game going forward during bonus streams and Selubrations, as I’ve been enjoying the game a lot lately.

I have some pretty big plans for my stream. I’m currently looking into upping the quality of my streams by incorporating a more unified visual theme to everything – I’m still researching what I want as far as panels/icons/overlays go, but it’s something I’m going to be working on over the next little while. If you know someone who does this work professionally, please let me know as I’m currently in the market. But that’s not all, as many of you know, I have recently upgraded my bot. Selubot has a whole bunch of new features, most notably a currency system. Some of you have been wondering if that is actually going to be used for anything… so I’ve been giving some thought into what I can use it for. The first thing these Enigma Coins will be used for is a giveaway during my Selubration. I will be giving away the right to dictate one game off that Selubration’s strawpoll to which I will devote an entire stream. So if there’s been a game on the list that you’ve always wanted to see me play but just never wins the strawpoll, here’s your chance. I have some other plans for the coins, but they’re going to take a bit longer to sort through.

Additionally, this month I’m going to be trying to fit more games into the Selubration, playing each game for a bit less. Let me know what you think, as I’m trying to ensure the Selubration offers you guys the best experience possible… since that’s what a Selubration is all about, thanking all of my amazing viewers for coming by stream after stream. The last thing I just wanted to mention is that there’s still almost a week left on the contest I have going. All you have to do is PM me on discord, twitch, or twitter with a guess as to which article on ShadowedBlade has the most lifetime views. Whoever gets closest to the correct answer gets to pick a game from my collection for me to stream for their entertainment – if there’s a tie, all tied applicants win their choice! I have a very large collection of games, so I won’t list everything here… but if you win we’ll work something out!

I’m hoping that my slightly reduced article release pace, and fewer scheduled streams will allow me to focus on quality and on giving you guys what you deserve. Because, in the end, the biggest reason I continue writing and streaming is all of you – the best group of friends I could ask for, who keep coming back to read and watch no matter how unreliable I am sometimes. So once again… thank you so much for continuing to support me and I hope you all will stick with me going forward.

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