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Shadowed Blade is a website dedicated to the love of fantasy. You will find reviews of books, movies, anime, and games, coverage of conventions dedicated to the above, news relating to fantasy, and articles discussing fantasy, gaming, and anime. Most of the convention coverage will be centered around Winnipeg, as that is where we reside, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t cover anything elsewhere – we will as the opportunity arises.

When it comes to reviews, all reviews will be scoreless as we feel that review scores diminish the meaning and impact of the review by trying to summarize an entire review with a single number. But overall, the most important thing to remember is that the website is intended to be a home for those who love fantasy, regardless of what form you like – we want you to feel welcome

Sean ‘Seluhir’ Engel

My name is Sean, I go by the nickname Seluhir almost everywhere, and I’m the lead author behind this website. I wrote virtually every article in the TGR-Net archives, and I will continue to write about what I love – fantasy, gaming, and anime. I have been in love with fantasy every since early childhood, with games like Dragon Warrior, Bomberman and Final Fantasy, books like Lord of the Rings, and tv shows like Samurai Pizza Cats and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all taking a prominent role in my early life.

I particularly am fascinated by the different ways that different authors and designers look at magic – it’s absolutely intriguing for me to compare the different magic systems in different fantasy works – but maybe that’s just me.

I am also absolutely amazed by the amount of talent shown by cosplayers, especially since I know I could never duplicate what they do. The skill required to create such a perfect costume from scratch, and then to learn the mannerisms and such of the character is just phenomenal. So, as I am starting to take a huge interest in photography, you can expect a lot of pictures of cosplay and events relating to it in the Winnipeg area. So if you love good cosplay, stay tuned – there’s a lot to come over the course of the coming years as this website grows.

I hope, more than anything, that my writing does two things. First, that it makes people who read it think and smile… and second, that it can help to bring people together. I hope to form more than just a blog, I want to help to start a community.

If you’re interested in getting in touch with me, below are my online identities:

League of Legends(America): Eleshakai
Battle.net(America): Seluhir #1817
Twitch: Seluhir
Youtube: ShadowedBlade
Twitter: SeanEngel
E-Mail: Sean@shadowedblade.net, Selushakai@shaw.ca
PSN(North America): Seluhir
Crunchyroll: Seluhir
Google+: Shadowed Blade
Facebook: Shadowed Blade
Tumblr: Seluhir
Hex: Eraia

Anne Ardeur

Anne is the woman behind the proverbial curtain, keeping the website functioning and implementing new features.  As a (sadly slacking) book reviewer, she will be writing some new book reviews for Shadowed Blade, and cross-posting some older reviews from her own blog.

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