TGR-Net Exit Stage Left

As the curtain closes on the first act of this performance…

TGR-Net is to be no more. After much soul searching, deep thought, and pointed advice from friends and family; we have decided that TGR-Net in it’s current form is just not possible. So what will be happening is the website will be going offline for a time while we search for some Phoenix Pinions to revive it. However, what remains to be seen is what will arise from the ashes when the flame has died and all is left in shadow…

Itemization – The Bane of Diablo 3

During my previous Diablo 3 article, I mentioned a bit about the Itemization issues. I didn’t want to go into full detail, because I felt it would be out of place to spend that much time discussing one topic in there, so I decided it would be best to spend a post on it to give it the detail that I feel it deserves. [Read more…]

Classic Recommendation – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night(PS1/PSN)

It’s time for us to recommend a new classic to you – one of the greatest games of all time, possibly the best game for the original PlayStation… Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. This game not only received near-universal praise for every aspect of the game(well, other than the voice acting…), but it also gave birth to the ‘Metroidvania’ subgenre. [Read more…]

Record of Agarest War 2 8-Hour Review

As many of you may remember, I really enjoyed Record of Agarest War Zero┬áback when it came out last summer. In fact, I kept playing it for months afterwards… so when I heard that Agarest 2 was coming out in North America so soon, I was excited. And now, I’ve played it for a few days… and I can’t say I’m impressed, unfortunately. [Read more…]

Highlights – July 2012

Good News Everybody! It’s time for the Summer Lull – the chance to get caught up on all the games that you’ve been putting off all year… but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing coming out. Time to cover the highlights of this fine month of July! [Read more…]