Picks of the Week – June 26

In case you’ve just been dying with impatience waiting for me to give you some more good suggestions for your entertainment enjoyment… it’s time! [Read more…]

Muses: The Glory of Innovation

After spending last week reminiscing about the glory of the old days – just how good the games used to be – I got to thinking about the opposite: All the good that has come in this new era – especially in terms of technology and it’s applications. [Read more…]

Diablo 3 – The Hard Truth

This might be the hardest article I’ve ever written. I’ve fallen out of love with Diablo 3. I’m not going to claim it’s a mistake, or that it sucks, or that it’s a terrible game, or that I hate Blizzard, or any of the other hundred superlatives people are using to discuss it on the forums… I just want to give some honest perspective on the game from the point of view of someone who has been thoroughly impressed with and addicted to nearly every Blizzard game released since Warcraft 1.This post is going to focus on a more general take on the game. Diablo being so devoted to the concept of ‘itemization’ and loot, I will touch on that briefly here, but I wanted to give it a bit more attention so I will be at a later date writing an entire post on that subject. [Read more…]

Picks of the Week – June 20

We-e-ll… this has apparently been a very long week considering how long it’s been since my last picks. But here we have a new week! Amazing, ain’t it? [Read more…]

Muses: I Miss The ‘Old Days’

I have been gaming for almost a quarter of a century now… I’ve seen 5 generations of console gaming come and now start to go, I’ve seen innovation and advancement, I’ve seen highs and lows, and I can honestly say that I don’t think we’re ever going to see a time that was as incredible as the end of the Super Nintendo Era and the beginning of the Playstation 1 era. [Read more…]