Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter – A Fitting End

Fans have been waiting for the localization of Trails in the Sky’s second chapter for years, myself included. In fact, I’ve been waiting for around 4 years since playing it. The first game ended in a crazy cliffhanger, which was more than a little painful for those of us who played it right away and loved it. The first game was an amazing experience with several standout features… most notably the way it developed NPCs.

Now, with how long we’ve waited for this… it’s hard to imagine it living up to all those expectations. I mean, 4 years is a long time. So I suppose I shouldn’t keep you guys in suspense any longer. Was the wait worth it? Yes. It was.

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – Beyond the Tropes

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel… not the most interesting name for a game, is it? I think you’d have a hard time coming up with a more generic name if you tried, really. Oh, and it’s a turn-based JRPG that takes place in, essentially, a High School? And there’re social sim elements to build relationships with the other characters? And the first female character you meet is a tsundere? And the graphics look a little out of place on the Playstation 3? And the main character is an adopted orphan with a mysterious power nobody seems to understand? And his ‘sister’ has a crush on him?

It would be easy to dismiss Trails of Cold Steel based off any number of the above factors… and it would be an easy decision to just pass over the game entirely, never giving it a second look. And that’s the real pity. Because Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is a game that deserves to be looked at. It deserves to have people give it an honest chance, looking past the parts that seem generic to explore all that this game has to offer… because there is so much more to this game than you might expect.

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Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment – The Shallow End

Please Note – Since This Is a Tie In Game, Spoilers Will Be Present!


When a show becomes as popular as Sword Art Online, it’s inevitable that a game tie in will come… and with SAO being set within videogame worlds, it seems like an even more natural fit. Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is an alternate history of what could’ve happened if, on floor 75, the game hadn’t ended when Kirito defeated Heathcliff. In stead, bugs started happening and everyone was just left to wonder what to do next… unsure what their options were, the Assault Team decides to just persevere and steps boldly onto floor 76… only to find that they can no longer return. They can still communicate by mail with people on the lower floors, but they’re trapped on the upper floors.

And when I say bugs… these range from weird equipment glitches, ‘earthquakes’, characters who have no reason to be there appearing – such as GGO’s Sinon and ALO’s Leafa – as well as Kirito being randomly teleported to this strange place that most people seem unable to reach known only as the ‘Hollow Area’. Matters quickly become strange, and only continue getting moreso as the game progresses.

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Metrico (PS Vita) Impressions

It’s been a while since I’ve had to post one of these, but Impressions are reviews of games I didn’t finish for one reason or another. Metrico is a Playstation Vita puzzle game where your actions manipulate the environment in addition to moving your character.

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Rogue Legacy – Family Tree

Rogue Legacy is, as the title might hint at, a Rogue-Lite game. What this means is that it is based on the old ‘start over from scratch when you die’ Rogue-like games that have been making such a resurgence lately, but that they don’t quite take it to that extreme. Similar to Guided Fate Paradox, you do make gradual progress over time. It’s my favourite middle ground, honestly… and Rogue Legacy takes that middle ground in a whole new direction. And I am so glad that direction has finally come to my Vita…

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