Shadow’s Six – Video Game Character Themes

Shadow’s Six will be a regular running top six list showcasing my picks on any subject I can come up with. Today’s going to be character themes. Whether it be the melancholy sounds of a tragic hero, the melodious and deep song for a noble warrior, or the foreboding and mysterious theme of a powerful villain… these themes can often define the experiences in games and alter how we remember a character. Composers go to huge lengths to make sure that the music matches the character, and I wanted to showcase some of the most successful, memorable, and entertaining character themes out there. I could, and probably will at some point, make an entire top 6 list just out of many of these series… so I’m going to try to limit it to one theme per series. [Read more…]

Shadow’s Six – Best Moments in Sword Art Online

In honour of the finale airing today, I’ve decided to list my favourite memories of Sword Art Online in this ‘Shadow’s Six’. Please note, this article is going to contain huge spoilers, so if that bothers you please don’t read any further. Fair warning has been given! ;)

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Shadow’s Six: Dream PS4 Launch Titles

So with us being only 1 week away(okay, just shy of 1 week) from the Playstation meeting on the 20th where the Playstation 4 is likely to be discussed, I thought I’d speculate about the games that I dream about seeing on the PS4, that I’d love most to hear about at this meeting. Obviously most, if not all, of these dreams are completely unlikely to happen. But if Sony is listening – they would make me one very very happy person if they were to announce any, or even more, all of these 6 titles at their ‘see the future’ Playstation meeting.

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Shadow’s Six – Favourite Fantasy Worlds

So it’s been a while since I’ve written much that spans into the world of literature… but that ends today! Today I want to spotlight something that is so often overlooked, and rarely given the credit it deserves. Good worldbuilding can turn a mediocre experience into something fantastic.

So, here I will discuss my favourite worlds from gaming, anime, or literature – any fantasy world is fair game here, and only the best will make the cut. (Warning: Spoilers may be present within this post for a variety of books, shows, and games)

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Shadow’s Six: Best of E3 Edition

E3 is over and done with, but we’re still talkin’ about it. For me, I wanted to take a minute here to just talk about the good… the six things I saw at E3 that just made me giddy…

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