The Shadow’s Sixty Countdown – Rank 60-55

Hello! It’s finally time. I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time. Over the course of the next several months, we’ll be gradually counting down my favourite games ever. Of course, there has to be a cut off, so I’ve selected the end of 2015. Any games that came out during 2015 or earlier are eligible for this list. This gives us ~30 years of gaming to play with, so this was an incredibly hard list to create, and has taken me weeks of deliberating to narrow it down to just 60.

We’ve got games of nearly every genre here, including some genres I don’t often play anymore. We’ve got old games, new games, and everything in between. Obviously, I’m just one man… I haven’t played every game, so I apologize if there are any games you really loved that got left off because of that. One notable game in that category is Undertale which I suspect I would have loved had I had the time to play it, given what I’ve seen of the game.


Each entry into this countdown will cover 6 games as we build towards the coveted Top 6 games of all time, according to me. Hope you enjoy this list, and if you have any questions about why I’ve placed things where they are, or if you disagree with me… please, feel free to comment!

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The Shadow’s Sixty Countdown – Rank 54-49

Recently we posted the first portion of our Shadow’s Sixty list, and I’m here today to share with you numbers 54 through 49! Our next six games range from real time strategy to fighting games to JRPGs. We have games set in alternate versions of modern Earth, in the distant past, and a couple of fantasy worlds.

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The Shadow’s Sixty Countdown – Rank 48-43

In the last section of our Shadow’s Sixty countdown we crafted dungeons and bombs, we fought gods and demons, and we explored Seattle. Things are just getting even more exciting! Epic loot, ancient dungeons, explosions, an intriguing musical experience, and even the rise of the horror genre await you below… if you dare to look.

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The Shadow’s Sixty Countdown – Rank 42-37

I’m posting this from another place… as I’m currently on vacation in Vancouver. But I didn’t want to leave you guys completely hanging with nothing to read, so I got this all set up for you!

The Shadow’s Sixty has crossed eras, genres, and styles. It’s featured the largest and smallest gaming has to offer… we’ve witnessed the birth of a genre and the refinement of another. We’ve crossed time itself, defeated Gods, and created unfathomable treasures. And that was just the first quarter… imagine what the rest has in store for us?

This entry gives us the opportunity to explore an ancient city, blow our friends up, race across a rainbow road, and even use the power of dragons! Without further ado… let’s explore Ranks 42 to 37 of the Shadow’s Sixty.

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The Shadow’s Sixty Countdown – Rank 36-31

This has been a fascinating experience for me. Cataloging my favourite games of all time has required taking stock of ~25 years of time spent with various platforms. Weighing nostalgia and equating it to the reality of the situation… it’s really been a trip down memory lane.

But with this article, we’ll be reaching the halfway point of this amazing journey. In this entry, we’re visiting JRPGs both old and new, exploring the origins of one of gaming’s most notable series, and exploring a few repeats – games from series that have previously earned a spot on this list.

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