Fate/Stay Night [Unlimited Blade Works] – History Lesson

cover artFate/Stay Night is a visual novel following Shiro Emiya and his classmate Rin. There are numerous ways the story can play out – Fate/Stay Night features three primary scenarios. The first Fate/Stay Night anime, released several years ago, focused on the ‘Fate’ scenario. This one, as the title implies, draws primarily from the ‘Unlimited Blade Works’ storyline.

Fate/Stay Night revolves around a conflict known as the Holy Grail War which takes place every so often in Fuyuki City – usually every sixty years or so. This conflict pits seven mages against one another in secret battles where the last one standing is promised the ability to have any one wish granted. In order to help ensure victory, these mages summon forth Servants – legendary figures from history, myth, and occasionally even from the future – to act as their champions.

After the disastrous Fourth Holy Grail War featured in Fate/Zero concluded, Kiritsugu Emiya found Shiro unconscious among the ruins and adopted him. After Kiritsugu’s passing, Shiro is just living his life – attending school and practicing what little magic he knows. Unfortunately, that idyll is doomed to be shortlived as the Fifth Holy Grail War begins after only a decade and he’s unwillingly dragged into the conflict. [Read more…]

Celestial Method – Saucergazing

CM - CastLake Kiriya City, a seemingly ordinary small town… well, ordinary except that it has a strangely beautiful, mysterious saucer hovering atop it. The saucer appeared 7 years ago, and everything changed for this small town. Not only did it suddenly become a tourist trap with all the changes that come with that, but they also had to deal with having a saucer over the lake: certain areas were labeled as ‘unsafe’, their annual fireworks shows ended, and just… life changed for everyone. Some people adapted, some resisted; some loved it, some hated it…

Our protagonist, Nonoka Komiya, lived here back before the saucer appeared but has repressed most of her memories of that time after her mother passed away. The first episode shows her moving back after around 7 years and being reintroduced to her childhood home and those who were her childhood friends – Yuzuki Mizusaka, Souta Mizusaka, Shione Togawa, and Koharu Shiihara. Will they recognize her? Will she remember? But, beyond just her own personal struggles… what is this saucer and where did it come from? And who is Noel, the strange blue haired girl who suddenly shows up uninvited in Nonoka’s new house?

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Yona of the Dawn: Slow to Wake

Yona, the girl standing in the blush of dawn – or Yona of the Dawn as the English title is listed – is a fantasy anime set in the Kingdom of Kouka. The show opens with Princess Yona living the idyllic life in the castle with her pacifist father and her two closest friends Son Hak and Soo-Won. Hak is her father’s general and is a renowned fighter, known around the world as the ‘Thunder Beast’ while Soo-Won is her cousin who she has a deep love for due to his care of her while she mourned her mother’s death.

The Kingdom of Kouka is built of four tribes representing Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. Each of these tribes’ leaders have a say in who rules the Kingdom, and have to agree to have the current line supplanted with any other. At the start of the show, Soo-Won and the Fire tribe assassinate the King, forcing the pampered Yona and Hak to flee for their lives. Hak, being the heir to the Wind tribe, is subtly given blame for the incident as Soo-Won takes over the Kingdom.

Yona Cast
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Shadow’s Six: 2014 Summer/Fall’s Best Anime

Alright everyone, it’s time. We’ve talked about the best anime of the first half of 2014, and we’ve discussed the best games and the biggest disappointments of last year but there’s still one gaping hole in what has been covered. And that, my friends, is where this list comes in… today we talk about the best 6 anime of the Summer and Fall seasons of 2014. Summer had some of the best anime I’ve ever watched, with new entries into virtually every genre that seemed promising, while fall featured several shows that completely defied my expectations. Both seasons featured tears, smiles, action, and magic – and there was some of the most amazing music I’ve ever heard – but which shows reign supreme?

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Trinity Seven – Honesty is the Best Policy

This season has had quite a few harem anime… some less obvious about it than others. But none that I’ve watched this season, or really ever before, have embraced this genre quite like Trinity Seven.

Trinity Seven stars Arata Kasuga, a perverted young man with incredible magic potential. At the start of our story he’s living with his cousin Hijiri, and while walking to school with her he notices the sun is black. While wondering at that, since it seems strange to him, a strange girl walks by and tells him he to wake up or she’ll kill him. Stranger still… she disappears and Hijiri didn’t seem to see anything…

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