Shadow’s Six – The Best Anime of Spring and Winter 2016

I know, I know… it’s September, we shouldn’t be talking about Spring anymore… but here we are. I’ve finally finished the last of my Spring and Winter anime reviews, so it’s time for us to do our semi-annual anime wrap-up!

Winter and Spring gave us a plethora of unremarkable anime, which has made it easy – for the most part – to recognize the gems among them. It’s easy to tell an amazing show when all you see is mediocrity, afterall. So what we have here are those standout shows. The ones that rose above the rest, cast off the cloak of mediocrity, and did something special.


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Hundred – Monster High!

In Hundred, the world has suffered untold calamity at the hands of some unknown force, and only magically imbued High School students possess the power to fight them using the mysterious weapons after which the show is named!


Ya, I know, you’ve heard the story before. You’ve probably even heard the version where our protagonist was wounded as a child by this ‘unknown force’ and, as a result, possesses an even greater power than normal to fight them. Hell, you’ve probably even heard the version where this person shows up and on his first day of school immediately develops a harem(including, of course, his sister) due to his high entrance scores, his good looks, and his past history with several characters. It wouldn’t even surprise me if you’ve heard the version where the protagonist faces the school’s top student in a duel before he’s even had his first day of classes…

So, given that you’ve already heard it all before… why watch Hundred?

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Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World – Saved Game

Subaru is your average homebody gamer. One day, he goes shopping and on his way home he suddenly finds himself in another world, with nothing except his clothes, his mostly-inoperable phone, and his groceries – which primarily consist of some potato chips. Taking everything in stride, he treats things like a video game and sets out to try to find the event that will lead to his, to him, inevitable glory. Of course, things don’t exactly go that way, as the world seems to not know he exists. In his first half hour, he is shooed away from a store for being broke, mugged, and nearly killed…. but he also meets a beautiful half-Elven girl…


This review will contain some very minor spoilers to the show’s overall concept, as well as the show’s first episode. There will be no spoilers for specific events beyond the first episode. 

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The Asterisk War Season 2 – Rising Flames

When I reviewed the first season of The Asterisk War, I commented on the show’s unique art style but somewhat lackluster character visuals, and cliché characters. I also commented that the show’s action and soundtrack had me very excited to see more.

Now, I don’t often do second season reviews – it takes either something truly spectacular or a drastic change of pace to get me to do a second season review. So which are we dealing with here? Is Asterisk War that much better than the first season that I just had to talk about it?? Or did it change something fundamental about the formula…?

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Myriad Colors Phantom World – Science Lesson

In Myriad Colors Phantom World, a viral outbreak alters the brain chemistry of the entire population of the Earth causing them to be able to perceive and interact with mysterious entities known as Phantoms. Additionally, children are now being born with special abilities which give them the capability to deal with those Phantoms that prove to not be harmless – sealing them away so they can’t hurt people.

Our protagonist, Haruhiko Ichijo, is one of these children. Born with the ability to seal Phantoms by drawing them, he actually lives with a friendly Phantom named Ruru and works alongside Mai Kawakami as a member of Hosea Academy’s Phantom Sealing club. This show chronicles their adventures as they uncover more of the truth and origins of phantoms.

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