Utawarerumono: The False Faces – Idle Wanderings

Utawarerumono: The False Faces isĀ an indirect sequel to an anime created quite some time ago out of an adult visual novel. Don’t get scared away! It surprised me to find out this was based on an adult visual novel – it just seems so tame. There are a few references to some sexual themes, and a few characters are obsessed with yaoi, but overall it feels relatively low-key.

But back on topic… Utawarerumono is an anime about a man who awakens on a snowy mountain wearing a hospital gown. Suffering from amnesia, he is discovered by a cat-eared young lady named Kuon who takes responsibility for him since she found him. She names him Haku and escorts him to town, where they find that he is strangely weak compared to those around him, even children… and literally everyone else has some animalistic characteristics.

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Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? – Of Gods and Men

“Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”, hereafter referred to as ‘Dungeon’ because the title is ridiculous, is not what you might expect from the title. Dungeon takes place in a city that seems to surround a massive tower known as ‘Dungeon’. For some reason not yet explained, the Gods and Goddesses have descended from the heavens, giving up their powers in exchange for the opportunity to assist humanity in their exploration of this strange and mysterious tower.

Each of these deities forms a Family out of adventurers they’ve chosen to bestow power upon. These adventurers then get a tattoo in their back that indicates their skill and strength, basically a D&D character sheet, that gets updated by their respective God or Goddess when they return from the dungeon. They gain levels, acquire skills, and learn magic as they adventure… with profit and strength as the only stated goals.

Bell & Hestia
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Monthly Recommendations – Passing the Time

June has arrived and… well that means we’ll all have a lot of time to pass before anything interesting comes out. So that’s what we’re offering for you this month: the best games and anime to eat up huge portions of your month.

Lina Inverse
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Shadow’s Six – Anime That Deserve To Be Continued

I’m sure we’ve all had anime that we watched and were so disappointed when they ended. Those anime that were either so good that you just wish they’d keep going or that ended on such a good cliffhanger that you were just left wanting so much more.

Well today I’d like to count down the six anime that need to be continued… the six shows that deserve more the most. When deciding titles for this list, because there are so many good anime that I’d love to see more of, I tried to focus more on their potential for future content rather than simply how good the show itself was.

There are some amazing shows out there that, while they certainly could keep going, it’s hard to say whether continuing would be more awesome or whether they’d just sour what we already loved. So I tried to eliminate those and focus on the shows that would benefit the most from a sequel rather than simply great shows that could happen to get one.

Sorry Sabagebu, HaNaYaMaTa… I love you but I’m happy with where you ended!

Warning: As always with these lists, minor Spoilers for each of the shows may be contained within this article. Read on at your own peril!

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Yona of the Dawn: Slow to Wake

Yona, the girl standingĀ in the blush of dawn – or Yona of the Dawn as the English title is listed – is a fantasy anime set in the Kingdom of Kouka. The show opens with Princess Yona living the idyllic life in the castle with her pacifist father and her two closest friends Son Hak and Soo-Won. Hak is her father’s general and is a renowned fighter, known around the world as the ‘Thunder Beast’ while Soo-Won is her cousin who she has a deep love for due to his care of her while she mourned her mother’s death.

The Kingdom of Kouka is built of four tribes representing Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. Each of these tribes’ leaders have a say in who rules the Kingdom, and have to agree to have the current line supplanted with any other. At the start of the show, Soo-Won and the Fire tribe assassinate the King, forcing the pampered Yona and Hak to flee for their lives. Hak, being the heir to the Wind tribe, is subtly given blame for the incident as Soo-Won takes over the Kingdom.

Yona Cast
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