Weekly Recommendations – ‘Spell’ing Lessons

This week I’d like to recommend some anime and books that take place in and around schools for magic (or just magical schools). So if you’re looking to learn a thing or two about magic – here’s your chance!

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No Game No Life – A Whole New World

Following in the noble tradition of Sword Art Online and Log Horizon, this season’s ‘I’m in a game world’ anime is No Game No Life. But one of these anime is not like the others. No Game No Life isn’t actually inside a ‘video game’ per se, No Game No Life takes a pair of shut-in prodigy gamers known as ‘Blank’ – since they always leave their usernames empty – and transports them into a world where games are life: Disboard.

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Tales of Xillia – If It Ain’t Broke… (PS3)

Few JRPG series are as long-standing or beloved as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest… but among that number stands the Tales series. Tales of Xillia, the latest in that venerated series, hopes to continue upon the legacy of the previous games. While the Tales series is a childhood favourite of many people, Xillia is only the second game in the series I’ve had the chance to play – with Tales of Graces f being the first, which I have already reviewed.

Xillia tells the story of a beautiful world where an almost symbiotic relationship between spirits and humanity allows for magic to be part of every day life. The story starts with a chance meeting between an enigmatic young woman and a physician in training… and, naturally, life will never be the same for either of them.

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Review: Raven’s Strike

Raven’s Strike is the second book in Patricia Briggs‘ rather wonderful Raven Duology.  I reviewed the first book, Raven’s Shadow, here.

Raven’s Strike picks up soon after the end of Raven’s Shadow: Tier, Seraph, Jes, Lehl, and Hennea have collected Rinnie and returned to the farm near Redern following the events of Raven’s Shadow. Their hard-earned peace is soon interrupted by the arrival of Phoran, a friend of Tier’s and an ally from Raven’s Shadow, with some bad news. Another Epic Quest™ ensues, this time with the whole family along for the ride. And anyone else they pick up along the way, or so it seems. [Read more…]

The Hobbit: Not So Unexpected

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey just came out, and while I wouldn’t say the specifics matched exactly what I predicted, I can say that overall my impressions of the movie were largely what I was expecting.

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