Shadow’s Six – The Best Anime of Spring and Winter 2016

I know, I know… it’s September, we shouldn’t be talking about Spring anymore… but here we are. I’ve finally finished the last of my Spring and Winter anime reviews, so it’s time for us to do our semi-annual anime wrap-up!

Winter and Spring gave us a plethora of unremarkable anime, which has made it easy – for the most part – to recognize the gems among them. It’s easy to tell an amazing show when all you see is mediocrity, afterall. So what we have here are those standout shows. The ones that rose above the rest, cast off the cloak of mediocrity, and did something special.


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The Lost Village – Outer Demons

Have you ever wanted to just run away from life, abandon the trials of your day to day existence and start over in a place where your past can’t follow you? Ever been so fed up with yourself that you just want to create a new you in a new place? Join the First Life Do-Over Tour and come join the inhabitants of Nanaki Village to get your chance to begin anew!

In The Lost Village, we follow a cast of misfits from all walks of life who all seek escape, who wish to venture to a mysterious hidden village whose existence has never even been confirmed… a place that promises the opportunity to get a fresh start and freedom from the burdens of our society.

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Weekly Recommendations – Hallowe’en Scares

Hallowe’en, as I’m sure you all know, is this Friday and that means horror. In this case, we have a variety of games, anime, and even a surprise to terrify you this week.
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Akame ga Kill – Kill the Capital

Tatsumi is a naïve country boy, trained by a former captain of the Capital’s army in the ways of the sword, who has come to the Capital to find fame and fortune to save his village from starvation at the hands of overtaxation. Idealistic and eager to prove himself, he slays a giant monster that is attacking a wagon travelling on the main road… upon revealing his intentions, a cloud falls upon the guard of the wagon’s face and they attempt to warn Tatsumi, but their warnings fall on deaf ears…

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Brynhildr in the Darkness – Which Witch?

Brynhildr in the Darkness takes place in Japan, following Ryouta – a student who, as we see in the opening scene, lost his dearest friend Kuroneko several years ago. Suddenly, a girl who very strongly resembles his childhood friend, even down to the name Neko Kuroha, transfers into his class and, well, his life is never to be the same.

After a strange accident at school, Neko approaches Ryouta and warns him that he will die if he doesn’t catch the bus home. Being brave, curious, and above all a bit of an idiot, our main character makes the decision to ignore her advice and see what happens. This leads to Neko, who just happens to be a witch who escaped from some lab, coming to his rescue and using her powers to save him… which is where it all begins.

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