The Shadow’s Sixty Countdown – Rank 48-43

In the last section of our Shadow’s Sixty countdown we crafted dungeons and bombs, we fought gods and demons, and we explored Seattle. Things are just getting even more exciting! Epic loot, ancient dungeons, explosions, an intriguing musical experience, and even the rise of the horror genre await you below… if you dare to look.

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Unravel – Knitting Memories

Unravel is a game about a creature made of yarn that goes on a journey to find the missing pieces of its creator’s photo album. Yarny, the lovable yarn creature, does this by exploring worlds based off of photographs sitting around the house to find little adornments that he attaches to the photo album to restore its blurred contents.


At its core, Unravel is a platformer where you utilize the yarn that comprises our knitted hero’s very being to solve puzzles. As you solve these puzzles, you’ll find secrets and gradually uncover the history of our adorable protagonist’s creator through scenes depicted in the background of the game’s stages and through a combination of inspirational messages and pictures within the gradually-unlocked photo album.

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Toren – Baby Steps

Toren got released back in May only a few weeks after its announcement, and it looked like it was going to be so good. The trailer showed hints of Ico and Journey… the artwork had such a distinct style. I was really excited for it.

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Most Anticipated of 2015 – Assorted Games

So I’ve covered the PS4’s big entries, I’ve covered Kickstarters, I’ve covered JRPGs, but I still haven’t talked about all the games I’m excited about that are coming in 2015… so we’re here to fix that. These are the games that either don’t quite fit into another category or might fit, but not perfectly. So I’ve created a special category called ‘Assorted’, since that’s never been done before, and we’ll be talking about the rest of the exciting games to come here!

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Most Anticipated of 2015 – The PS4 Emerges

The Playstation 4 is an amazing piece of hardware. It’s sleek, it’s powerful, and it has some really cool functionality… but so far, the software lineup has not been that impressive. Most of the games I’ve played for it that have been good have been those pseudo-indy titles produced by smaller teams. Games like Transistor, Resogun, etc. have been the stars of its lineup. And while that isn’t going away entirely, it’s good to see a few larger titles that are actually worth paying attention to emerging…

It’s time to unveil some of my most hyped PS4 2015 titles.(of course, where they fit… some PS4 titles may make their way into other lists, like Persona 5 in last week’s JRPG list ;))

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