Shadow’s Six: Most Anticipated of 2018

The end of a year is a time to reminisce on the good that happened in the year that is leaving, but also a time for building up excitement about what is to come. I’ve already talked 2017, unveiling my Game of the Year list just a short while ago, so I wanted to take some time as the year ends to talk about what I am excited for in the year to come. With how packed 2017 was, what could 2018 possibly have left for us?

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Shadow’s Six – Best Games of 2016

It’s time to close the book on 2016’s gaming history. A big year for game releases is behind us, with several massive franchises popping up throughout the year… and a lot of pleasant little surprises too. We had some games that had been over a decade in waiting, and others that we only found out about weeks before their arrival. Games of all genres graced our consoles and computers, with sequels, expansions, reboots, and brand new titles all coming out this past year.

What amazed me this year was how few games were quite what I was expecting. Several games I expected to love I wasn’t terribly fond of, while others that I was concerned about I ended up being blown away by. Picking the games for this year’s list had a few obvious spots, but there are about 7 games fighting for those last couple slots, none of which are clear picks.

So without any further delay… let’s jump into the Best Games of 2016!

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Ratchet and Clank: Reliving Past Glories

Everyone’s favourite Lombax has decided to tackle the heavily-maligned realm of ‘Movie Tie-In Games’. Ratchet and Clank, the new one anyways, is based on the movie that was based off of a 14-year-old video-game. Confused yet? Don’t worry… we’ll sort it out.

Fourteen years ago, the first Ratchet and Clank came out. Then numerous successful sequels came out, including A Crack in Time, which made my Shadow’s Sixty list. Then the developer decided to go back and re-tell the original game in movie form. Alongside it, they are creating a re-imagined game version of the Lombax’s origin story, and that’s where this game comes in.

But I guess the real question is: is it good?

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Weekly Recommendations – If You Liked Sabagebu…

This week I’m going to be offering recommendations that are tailored for people who enjoyed Sabagebu. What I’m focusing on are the core aspects of Sabagebu… its high pace, its confidence, and that utter hilarious absurdity… I hope you like them!

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Shadow’s Six – Best of E3 2014 Conferences

So the major E3 conferences are over, and all of the big announcements have been announced, the trailers have been viewed, the demos have been demoed, and now it is time to discuss the future…. sort of.

Here are my favourite moments of the E3 conferences. This is really hard because overall, this year’s conferences have been a pretty tremendous letdown, with only a handful of things that really made me excited throughout the entirety of 4 press conferences – 5 if you count Nintendo’s mini-conference. Fortunately, it’s not all bad, so let’s share the good here, so we can forget the bad!

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