Ai-Kon 2016 Post-Show Feedback

It’s time to bid farewell to another Ai-Kon. This was Ai-Kon’s 15th anniversary… an impressive feat for a convention in such a small city. But what is more impressive is that Ai-Kon has grown so much. Looking from last year to this year, it almost seems as though the size of the convention centre may have been the only thing previously holding it back. This year’s event showed almost explosive growth… but has it grown too quickly?


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Central Canada Comic Con (C4) 2015 Post-Show

After an exhausting, yet gratifying, weekend, Winnipeg’s premier Comic Convention has come and gone. My wife and I spent a large part of the weekend sick to some extent (this is becoming a pattern, and not a pattern I like…) , so we were not able to attend as many events as we were hoping to but not to the same extent as last year… but we were still impressed by the growth the event has shown from last year.

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Gallery Showcase – Ai-Kon 2015 Galleries!

So, most of you by now have seen my 2015 Ai-Kon pictures, and if not… well what are you waiting for? I have two large galleries, one for hallway photos and one for the cosplay contest, just waiting for you! Go on, I’ll wait.

Now that you’ve taken a look yourself, I wanted to share some of my favourites from this year’s pictures. There were so many of them, it was incredibly hard to narrow it down… but after long deliberation, here are a few of the ones I wanted to specifically point out.

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Ai-Kon 2015 Post-Show!

My favourite event of the year has come to a close. Attendees met some of their favourite voice actors, were reunited with old friends once again, browsed the enlarged marketplace, binged on the wide array of anime the showing rooms had to offer, and were amazed by the artistic talents of the cosplayers roaming the halls.

That is, once they got through the impresive lineup of initial registration. The lineup was longest I’ve seen at the event – spanning the entirety of the convention centre’s main floor, wrapping around to the back exit.

Noh Face
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Ai-Kon 2015 Saturday Highlights

Well Saturday has come to a close… Saturday, the day of lineups. The marketplace line doubled on itself, the cosplay contest line stretched as far as the eye can see. This is the longest I’ve ever seen Ai-Kon’s marketplace line, which was kind of crazy. I hope that’s a sign of the continued growth of the event…

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