Ai-Kon 2015 Saturday Highlights

Well Saturday has come to a close… Saturday, the day of lineups. The marketplace line doubled on itself, the cosplay contest line stretched as far as the eye can see. This is the longest I’ve ever seen Ai-Kon’s marketplace line, which was kind of crazy. I hope that’s a sign of the continued growth of the event…

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Ai-Kon 2015 Friday Highlights

The first partial day of Manitoba’s largest anime convention is coming to a close. Attendees have met the guests, been reunited with old friends once again, browsed the enlarged marketplace, binged on the wide array of anime the showing rooms had to offer, and been amazed by the artistic talents of the coplayers roaming the halls.

That is, once they got through the impressive lineup of initial registration. The lineup was impressive – spanning the entirety of the convention centre, wrapping around to the back exit.

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Event Preview – Ai-Kon 2015

It’s that time again! July is upon us and Ai-Kon 2015 is fast approaching(only a week away!) and I’m thrilled to say I’ll be there for the entire weekend. This is the event I look forward to every year, the event I get the most excited for. Winnipeg’s annual celebration of anime.

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Blade’s Edge Update – July

Happy Canada Day everyone!

First I have to apologize. I was hoping to get more done during June, but some important matters came up that I had to attend to that occupied my mind for a week or two and got in the way of my writing, sleep, and everything else. Additionally, work has been ridiculously busy – I’m actually working 6 days next week, for example – thanks to the weather. Hopefully that will be cleared up soon, as I have a lot of content to write over the coming weeks. But despite the sparse content, you guys made this the third busiest month I’ve ever had so thank you so very much for that. You guys are all the best.

But June is over now, and we’re entering July. The summer lull in gaming continues, spring’s anime season is ending, and the summer one is about to begin…

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Ai-Kon Winterfest 2015 Post-Show

Winterfest, Ai-Kon’s annual mini-convention, happened this past weekend at the Delta Hotel. A smaller venue, to be certain… but hotels are certainly not a strange location for a convention to happen. In previous years, this scaled down event’s primary draw has been the calm and relaxing atmosphere which is something that is so rare for a convention. It’s been such a pleasant and peaceful break to spend a day surrounded by anime goodness. So I’ve been looking forward to Winterfest for a while – especially with how hectic the past few months have been.

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