Muses – The ‘Toxicity’ of the Internet

I make no secret of the fact that I play League of Legends. A lot. When I’m not watching anime or playing games to review, I’m usually playing League of Legends. Well, that or Diablo 3, but that’s not the subject of this ran… err muses.Troll

League of Legends gets a lot of criticism for the calibre of its community… and, to be fair, so do a lot of other games. I heard the same about StarCraft, the same about World of Warcraft, I hear it about Call of Duty, Xbox Live, and nearly every online game. Having been a part of several gaming communities for a long time, it really bothers me to hear all this negativity imposed upon them. It’s even gotten to such an extreme that people consider it justified that Blizzard removed chat from Hearthstone, a decision that has led to me refusing to support the game.

I’m going to contradict the majority here and say what I feel. The internet really isn’t that bad a place, gaming communities aren’t all that unfriendly, and trolls are not the majority. People, in general, are not that bad and while I do agree that there are bad apples out there, to number them among the majority is simply not realistic, not fair, and grossly exaggerated.

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Spoiler Alert – Sword Art Horizon

Sword Art Online’s first season and Log Horizon clearly share a lot of similarities. I’ve had a few people tell me, after watching a few episodes of the latter that it’s a rip off. In fact, when I first read the description, I thought the same. But as you get into Log Horizon, it becomes apparent that this is not at all the case. But let’s explore that in more detail by taking a deep look contrasting the two, shall we? This article, unlike my reviews, will not be spoiler free as I intend to discuss both shows in-depth, so if you’re concerned about spoilers… do not click the more link!

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Log Horizon – Livin’ in the Database

When I first read the description for Log Horizon, my initial thought was ‘oh look, a comedy ripoff of Sword Art Online’. That didn’t stop me from giving it a try though… and boy was I wrong.

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Muses: The Best Games and Anime of 2013

I’m going to do this a lot more informal than previously, still trying to find just the right format. A full ‘best of the year’ awards list is awful pretentious for such a small site, especially since I have pretty specific tastes. And, it implies a level of comparison I’m not comfortable with. I don’t really feel that directly comparing games based off of ‘factual’ categories is fair to the games or shows themselves. There’s a reason I don’t use scores on any of my reviews… it just feels disingenuous. This year, it’s not going to be a categorical list, but rather a general list of favourites and a brief description of why. What was it about that title that made me feel it was exceptional or otherwise worthy of note? Did that title come out of nowhere and shock me? Did it do something truly new or unique?

This year’s best of the year will include a few entries from the very end of last year – things that didn’t quite make it into my hands before I did my last year’s Best of the Year post but that still deserve recognition. If it came out in November or December of 2012, it might well qualify for the 2013 Best of the Year – likewise, a lot of games from this year’s November have only just gotten into my hands and I can’t properly judge so they may be taken into the next year listings. This, sadly, does include both the PS4 and XBO which are not going to be included in this list. And, for those of you who were disappointed I didn’t include any anime content last year – this year (and going forward) anime will be a part of this list.

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Blizzcon 2013 Highs and Lows

Sadly, I was not able to attend Blizzcon – so this post is based off of the streams that were available through the Virtual Ticket. This year Blizzard primarily showcased Heroes of the Storm(formerly Blizzard All-Stars), Hearthstone, and the new expansions for World of Warcraft  and Diablo 3. These announcements were essentially what I’d expected to hear about… but aside from Hearthstone none of these announcements were exactly what I’d expected.


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