Love Live Sunshine – Shining

If you had come to me a few months ago and told me ‘watch a school idol show, you’ll love it!’… I’d have thought you might be just a little crazy. It seemed like a such a narrow genre, and while the comedy idol light show Locodol was fun in a simplistic way, I didn’t see how a show that took that genre seriously could possibly keep my attention. And, I would’ve thought you were even more crazy if you’d told me my wife would be equally interested.


So it was quite a surprise when, during the Ai-Kon Summer Anime Showcase, we both turned to each other at the end of episode one of Love Live Sunshine and said ‘We need to watch more’. Love Live Sunshine is a followup to the extremely popular Love Live School Idol Project. The show follows Chika Takami as she tries to put together a school idol troupe, having taken sudden inspiration from the original Love Live’s idol group μ’s and chronicles the groups progress as Chika and her group, Aquors, try to follow in μ’s footsteps.

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The Shadow’s Sixty Countdown – Rank 48-43

In the last section of our Shadow’s Sixty countdown we crafted dungeons and bombs, we fought gods and demons, and we explored Seattle. Things are just getting even more exciting! Epic loot, ancient dungeons, explosions, an intriguing musical experience, and even the rise of the horror genre await you below… if you dare to look.

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Charlotte – Power Play

Charlotte is an anime about kids with superpowers. Surely you know what to expect right? Well, not exactly. You see, in Charlotte, teenagers are – seemingly randomly – developing superpowers that last until they’re finished growing, usually vanishing around their 18th or 19th year.

These aren’t the perfect superpowers we see in comics though, these are superpowers that are inherently more realistic than that, featuring flaws and not necessarily accounting for the consequences. As an example, Yuu Otosaka (our protagonist) has the ability to take control of someone else… except his own body becomes unconscious as a result and it only lasts 5 seconds.

These kids are not left in peace though, as organizations are interested in researching – and exploiting – them. To counteract this, the Hoshinoumi Academy student council finds such students and coerces them into transferring to their school for protection. Nao Tomori, the female lead, is the head of the student council and forces Yuu to not only transfer to Hoshinoumi, but also join the student council. And that is where it all begins…

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AMV Spotlight – Melody of My Life by 0kamiRvS

Your Lie in April was a show that chronicled the progress of someone coping with childhood trauma through music. To me its greatest strengths were the hopeful overtones seen through the depression, and the incredible art direction and animation.

Youtube user 0kamiRvS has captured those facets in a way that is hard to explain. So rather than trying to, I’ll just show it to you.

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Monthly Recommendations – Your Song in April

You may have noticed that just yesterday I posted my review of the second half of Your Lie in April, a show that featured some of the best music I’ve ever heard. So we’re going to have a month of musical masterpieces for you all to appreciate.

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