Your Lie in April Update – Blooming Hope

I don’t often do review updates, unless there is a major shift in the tone and themes of the show. Your Lie in April is one such, with the very first episode after I posted my previous review showing almost a complete 180 in tone. The show started out as a slowly building love story – a very traditional romance that just happened to take place between two musicians. What it became, however, was a whole different beast.

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Shadow’s Six – #JRPGMonth: Best Soundtracks

For #JRPGMonth I promised some Shadow’s Six lists. And I intend to deliver! But first, I had to take some time to figure out what was really important… what is it that makes JRPGs special. And, for the themes of these lists, I’m going to be focusing on exactly that. Each list will be devoted to one of the aspects that I love the most about JRPGs.

For my first list, I’d like to tackle probably the most consistent part of most JRPGs – fantastic soundtracks. Japan managed to even shove some amazing soundtracks onto the Super Nintendo – and with the midi-quality effects that system was capable of, creating a memorable soundtrack can’t have been easy. So in honour of their consistent achievement, I’d like to count down my six favourite JRPG Soundtracks! Just as a note, each series is only eligible to be on the list once and we can count that as being representative of the series’ greatness.

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Weekly Recommendations – Energetic Assortment

So I’m working a ridiculously, absurdly early shift this week… and I’m going to need some high energy shows and anime to keep me awake. Here are some of the good ones I’ll be relying on to maintain my energy for this week.

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Weekly Recommendations – Sweet Melodies

Well, I’m back from Vancouver, and it’s time to get back into the rhythm of day to day life. And I can’t think of a better way to do that than by taking in some of the best game and anime soundtracks around.

So what I’m going to do here is recommend some of my favourite games to play if you’re looking to revel in some fantastic music, and some anime whose soundtracks will not let you down.

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Shadow’s Six – Favourite Anime Soundtracks

Previously, I did a list of my favourite individual anime openings… now I want to take a broader approach. In this list, the opening themes will be a factor, but they’ll be far from the only factor. Ambience, character themes, battle music and more will all be taken into account. Additionally, and probably more importantly, I’ll be looking at how well the various musical elements are being utilized… these are my favourite anime soundtracks.

Oh and just as a quick side note… since I’ll be discussing the way the music is used, there may be some spoilers for some of these shows. I’ll try to keep them vague if I can, but you have now been officially warned!

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