The Shadow’s Sixty Countdown – Rank 30-25

Over the past few months, we’ve covered the bottom half of my top 60 games of all time. Having completed the first half last week with awesome recent titles like Disgaea 5 and Uncharted 3 as well as much-revered classic Final Fantasy 9… what could we possibly have left?


We’re here today to take our first steps into the top half of this list. We’re going to investigate enigmatic and mysterious threats, explore one of the most well-known classics of all time, and save the last of humanity! Let’s visit games 30 to 25 on my Shadow’s Sixty list!

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Tales of Zestiria – Two Steps Back

The venerable Tales series, one of the longest running series in gaming, recently released another monolithic JRPG for us all to enjoy: Tales of Zestiria. Zestiria takes places in the continent of Glenwood, a place inhabited by Humans and spiritual entities known as Seraphim. The Seraphim are invisible to most of humanity – only people who are sufficiently sensitive to them (a trait known as ‘resonance’) can see them – but they possess tremendous power to influence the world around them.

Humanity’s negative urges and feelings create an almost tangible energy known as malevolence which corrupts the world around them, turning people, animals, inanimate objects and even Seraphim into evil entities known as ‘Hellions’. In times of crisis, a Human with extreme resonance will form a pact with a strong Seraphim and become known as a ‘Shepherd’, drawing upon the power of the Seraphim to help cleanse malevolence and restore the world to a more natural state.

The world is in a worse state than any can remember, dubbed the ‘Age of Chaos’. It is into this world that a naïve child raised by a community of isolated Seraphim steps, accompanied by his childhood friend, and seeks to right the wrongs of the world.

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Shadow’s Six – Best JRPGs Of All Time

Well, it’s hard to believe but #JRPGMonth has almost come to a close. It’s been a great month, and I hope the JRPG love will continue throughout the year, but all good things must come to an end. But, as befits the end of such an incredible time, I’d like to share with you my final Shadow’s Six list of #JRPGMonth… and this is the big one.

This list was easily the most difficult to craft. It started with a list of nearly 15 JRPGs… and through a rigorous process I have managed to narrow it down, eliminating all but the most deserving. So are you ready? Because I know I am…. here are the greatest JRPGs of all time!

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Shadow’s Six: The Best Games of 2014

We’re entering December… which means it’s time to count down the best games of 2014. This will cover anything from November of last year to the end of October of this year. That means that this will be the first of these lists to include the Playstation 4! Will any of its best make the cut?

There have been a lot of very hyped and very eagerly anticipated releases. And this has been an incredibly difficult year to evaluate. So many extremely fun experiences. But I won’t make you wait any longer… it’s time to unveil my top 6 games of 2014.

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Most Anticipated of 2015 – Big JRPG Franchises

It’s time to start showcasing my most anticipated titles of 2015. Each Wednesday, from now until New Years, we’ll be showcasing some of the games and anime among next year’s expected releases that I am the most excited for.

For our first set, we’ll be going to one of my favourite sources of entertainment… long-running JRPG franchises! This year we’ve got a few of them coming down the pipeline, and I absolutely cannot wait! So let’s not keep you waiting, here are the first few titles…

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