The Shadow’s Sixty Countdown – Rank 42-37

I’m posting this from another place… as I’m currently on vacation in Vancouver. But I didn’t want to leave you guys completely hanging with nothing to read, so I got this all set up for you!

The Shadow’s Sixty has crossed eras, genres, and styles. It’s featured the largest and smallest gaming has to offer… we’ve witnessed the birth of a genre and the refinement of another. We’ve crossed time itself, defeated Gods, and created unfathomable treasures. And that was just the first quarter… imagine what the rest has in store for us?

This entry gives us the opportunity to explore an ancient city, blow our friends up, race across a rainbow road, and even use the power of dragons! Without further ado… let’s explore Ranks 42 to 37 of the Shadow’s Sixty.

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Weekly Recommendations – Competition

This week I have a special set of recommendations for you. I’ve always loved competitive games, even if I’m not the type to really get hyper-competitive about them. And, I’ve always been interested in Trading Card Games (TCGs). Back in the day I even played the World of Warcraft TCG, although Winnipeg never had much of a scene for it, even at its prime. These recommendations are in honour of competition with a little special surprise at the end.

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Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: To the Past!

Nintendo recently released their sequel to A Link to the Past, my personal favourite of all time, entitled A Link Between Worlds. This 3DS title takes place in the same world as Link to the Past did over a decade ago, and plays heavy on nostalgia to bring people in… but is the game more than just a nostalgia trip?

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Muses: The Biggest Disappointments of 2013

Last week I spoke about what I felt were the best games and anime of the year. This week I’m going to go on the opposite side of this… of the things that happened this year, the following were the games, anime, or otherwise that were the most disappointing to me.

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Pokemon X – Social Trivialities

I was a fan of Pokémon as a child, back during the original Pokémon era… I watched the original show and played Blue back in the day. I lost interest when the show started having Pokémon talent shows and other utterly ridiculous concepts… but I’ve always hoped for a game that allowed me to truly get that Pokémon battle experience. It’s one of those childhood fantasies that just won’t go away – right there with the old 90’s movie style VR. It’s unlikely to ever become a reality, but Pokémon X is trying to take us one step closer to it.

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