Blade’s Edge Update – February

We’re 1 month in and I’m still alive! 2016 is off to a great start! Of course, our next challenge is the frozen hell known as ‘February’. For those of you out there in Winterpeg, you’ll understand what I mean. For those of you who aren’t in Winnipeg… well, here’s a small taste of what this month means to us…


Fortunately, this year has been rather tame comparably. January featured about a week of real cold, which left me in a great mood for both streaming and writing. We’re nearing completion of the Fall anime reviews, with 5 of them completed already and 1 or 2 more to go, depending on whether I can be bothered to finish the last show. I also finished Disgaea 5 and got my glowing review of that up. The other big thing that’s been going on is Trails Month, which is going to turn into a 2 or 3 month affair, I expect… I have nearly completed Trails of Cold Steel, but there are still two more Trails games to go after we finish this one!

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Blade’s Edge Update – January and Plans For 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome to 2016! Much like last year, I’m pretty happy with how things are going… so I don’t plan to make any huge sweeping changes. I do have some minor improvements I’d like to work on, most notably to my stream, but for the moment I don’t foresee any major changes for the website. That being said, let’s talk about some of the minor plans I have long-term, as well as what you can expect for January, shall we?


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Blade’s Edge Update – December

Well… Winter’s here. And it hit suddenly, and with a vengeance. We here in Winnipeg went from dry and +4 to a foot of snow and -11 in 48 hours. Fortunately it’s warmed up a bit since then, but it doesn’t look like it’ll last much longer.

But that’s enough about such subjects… it’s the Christmas season. It’s the end of the year. And I’ve just finished recovering from my amazing Streamaversary Selubration. So let’s get right into this!

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First Impressions – 2015 Fall Anime

We’re around 5-6 weeks into 2015’s Fall Anime Season, and we’ve had a chance to watch a few episodes of each of the shows. My wife – who also happens to be my editor, web-designer, post-processor, and co-contributor under her pen name Anne – and I would like to each share a couple shows each from this season that we have particularly high hopes for based off of these first episodes.

Yang from RWBY
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Blade’s Edge Update – November

It’s hard to believe it’s November already. Not only has time flown…. but we don’t even have snow yet. What type of November doesn’t have snow? Oh right… the good type.

And what an insanely busy October it has been, in every possible way. I got most of my summer anime reviews done  -the last one is almost ready – there were numerous lengthy games that came out this past month which have been positively devouring my time, the summer anime reviews which needed to be written, a convention, and a variety of illnesses to deal with. It’s been crazy… but it has been a great type of crazy – except the illnesses, could do with a few less of those.

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