Glasslip – Fragmented

Glasslip is a slice of life anime that takes place in the fictional town of Hinodehama. It is the story of Touko, a girl with a rather unusual ability: she sees strange visions when she looks at things that shine or shimmer such as windows, baubles, or even sometimes water. Many of these things appear to be indications of the future, but not always so she’s never quite sure. While she’s enjoying a fireworks display with her four best friends at the start of summer break, Kakeru – a new student in town – tells her that he sees what she sees…

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Weekly Recommendations – Entry Level

Interested in getting your feet wet in the many worlds of anime? Looking for a game that won’t put too much pressure on you if you’re not familiar with gaming? Looking for that book that’ll get you hooked on reading forever? Well, that’s our theme this week – today I’ll be offering you some games, anime, and books that will be great either if you’re interested in seeing what the fuss is, or if you have a friend and you want the right introduction that won’t scare them off…

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Weekly Recommendations – Relationships

As some of you may know, tomorrow is my anniversary – as of tomorrow my wife and I will have been together for 8 years. So in honour of this very important day, I wanted to focus this week’s recommendations on games, books, and anime with a central focus of relationships or romance. I’m not going to say that all of these will offer GOOD advice on the subject, just that they’ll be on that subject.

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The World is Still Beautiful – Singing in the Rain

WiSBCoverNike, fourth Princess of the Principality of Rain, has been sent into an arranged marriage with the ruler of the known world: The Sun King Livius I. Rumours paint Livius as a merciless, ruthless tyrant… but rumours are not always accurate. Upon arriving, she makes a startling discovery: Livius is actually younger than her.

The World is Still Beautiful is unique in this season… it’s not a harem anime, it’s not an action anime, and it’s not a slice of life anime. The World is Still Beautiful does have some action elements, and it’s certainly not completely devoid of action. What is it then? Well, you see, The World is Still Beautiful is a romantic comedy that just happens to be set in a rather interesting fantasy world.

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Nisekoi – Is it Real Love?

In Japan, a war is looming between a Yakuza clan and an incumbent gang from America. This war seems unavoidable until the revelation that the heirs to the two groups are the same age. The leaders of the clans, striving to avoid needless conflict, force their children Raku and Chitoge to pretend to be in love to stop the war. This works, but not perfectly… there is some suspicion – especially from one particularly overprotective member of the American gang.

Yes, it’s a stupid premise, but the premise is just there as a frame and what matters in the end is the picture within the frame.

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