ReLife – Second Chances

ReLife Laboratories, a strange research organization working on a way to rehabilitate unproductive members of the world – people who are paying little more than lip-service to society, while not actually participating in it. Sounds like a noble goal, and a worthy one. The weird part is their methods… they have created an experimental drug that makes people look like teenagers so they can attend another year of high school in an attempt to reintegrate them into life itself.


During this year, they’ll have their basic needs provided for and based off of how their time at school goes, they might even get offered a permanent job. The catch? They can’t let anyone know about ReLife, and as soon as the ReLife program ends – either at the end of the year or if something goes wrong – everyone they knew will apparently forget about them. Our protagonist, Kaizaki Arata, is 27 years old and has become a recluse since quitting his first real job after only 3 months. One day, after drinking himself into a stupor, he’s approached by Yoake Ryo, a representative of ReLife, who offers him the opportunity to enter the program.

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Orange – How to Save a Life?

What would you do if you received a letter claiming to be from yourself 10 years in the future giving you advice on the decisions to make, offering you a chance to prevent yourself from experiencing some pretty big regrets? Would that decision change when the events described in the letter start coming true?

This is the situation that 16 year old student Naho Takamiya finds herself in, as she and her close circle of friends prepare to start another school year together when a new student, Naruse Kakeru, transfers into their class. The letter that Naho receives references him, and she begins to wonder… could it be real?


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Love Live Sunshine – Shining

If you had come to me a few months ago and told me ‘watch a school idol show, you’ll love it!’… I’d have thought you might be just a little crazy. It seemed like a such a narrow genre, and while the comedy idol light show Locodol was fun in a simplistic way, I didn’t see how a show that took that genre seriously could possibly keep my attention. And, I would’ve thought you were even more crazy if you’d told me my wife would be equally interested.


So it was quite a surprise when, during the Ai-Kon Summer Anime Showcase, we both turned to each other at the end of episode one of Love Live Sunshine and said ‘We need to watch more’. Love Live Sunshine is a followup to the extremely popular Love Live School Idol Project. The show follows Chika Takami as she tries to put together a school idol troupe, having taken sudden inspiration from the original Love Live’s idol group μ’s and chronicles the groups progress as Chika and her group, Aquors, try to follow in μ’s footsteps.

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Rewrite – Twisted Literature

Welcome to Kazamatsuri, a city in Japan that has devoted itself to trying to promote a greener Earth. The city is surrounded in forests, is home to companies devoted to afforestation, and holds a massive annual festival devoted to nature.

It is in this city that our story begins with protagonist Kotarou Tennouji awakening from a strange nightmare. In his nightmare, he is running through a ruined version of Kazamatsuri and when he enters the forest on its borders, he encounters a strange girl with ribbons, who promptly kills him. After he awakens, he starts seeing this girl for brief moments, and one day he wakes up with bitemarks on his arm. In his pursuit of some explanation, he’s drawn to the Occult Research Club at school.

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New Game – Game Dev: The Anime

Summer’s anime season is at its end, which means a few things. It means Winnipeg now has to brace for snow. It means that game releases are about to start hitting fast and furious. But most importantly, it means it’s time to start reviewing anime!

New Game is a slice of life anime about a young woman who decides to apply for a character design job at the company who made one of her favourite games. We start the show with Suzukaze Aoba showing up for her first day at work and having to come to terms with the odd-ball personalities of Eagle Jump Software’s eccentric design team.

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