Gunslinger Stratos – Mirror Match

Based on the popular Japanese shooter series, Gunslinger Stratos takes us to an alternate reality where two worlds are engaging in war games in an artificial playing field reminiscent of modern day Japan. These war games, overseen by enigmatic Timekeepers and fought by very special chosen individuals, are intended as a ‘safe’ way for these two worlds to determine which one deserves to live – to avoid a massive conflict between the two worlds that could result in the death of both.

Or so they’re told… a strange girl keeps appearing to some of the chosen warriors and trying to talk to them, but they seem unable to hear her before she fades away. Until she appears before our protagonist, Tohru. Tohru is able to pick up bits and pieces, and becomes fascinated by her – seeking to understand whatever message she’s trying to tell them… and it all spirals outward from there.

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Plastic Memories – Smile Through The Tears

Giftias – Androids, made by SAI Corp, that look, act, and feel like humans complete with real personalities, emotions and memories – have a lifespan of 81920 hours. Giftias have become such a part of human society that they are everywhere: they are peoples’ friends, hired help, and even surrogate parents in some circumstances. Once their roughly 9 and a third years are done, they don’t die… they begin to deteriorate, losing their memories, their personalities, and their restraint. In other words, they go crazy, becoming violent and dangerous.

SAI’s Terminal Services department has the unpleasant task of retrieving these Giftias before that happens and erasing their memories so they can be upgraded for later use. They have to convince the owner to give their consent, and they always do the memory erasure in front of them – afterall, these androids have very personal information contained within those memories. Our protagonist, Tsukasa, is a new employee at SAI Terminal Service No. 1. He is assigned the Giftia Isla as his partner and, naturally, he swiftly develops strong feelings for her.

What he doesn’t know is that Isla only has around 2 months left before she, herself, will need to be retrieved…

Ferris Wheel
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Blade’s Edge Update – June

Another month has passed. May, the quintessential spring month, is coming to a close. A fairly quiet month saw me playing the surprisingly good Omega Quintet, Dust: An Elysian Tail, and doing an absurdly fun Catherine stream this past weekend. I’d like to again thank everyone who stopped by during that, it was one of the best times I’ve had in ages. I finished my 2015 Winter anime review blitz with World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman earlier this month and also posted a Shadow’s Six list of anime that I’d love to see continue. It was a fairly slow month for articles due to my work schedule, so I apologize for that. But let’s move into June now!

Asuna & Kirito
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Blade’s Edge Update – May

Hard to believe April is already over. Where has the time gone… so I got some of the things I wanted accomplished this month. I got most of my Winter Anime blitz posted, with the second last review for Isuca going up yesterday. The new format for weekly recommendations has been working well, with my new Your Song in April recommendations concluding this past Monday.

I have been streaming Omega Quintet these past few days, and having a blast doing so – it looks like it is likely to continue for at least the rest of this week so please stop by and check it out! I also finished Final Fantasy XIII-2 on stream, and started both Record of Agarest War Zero and Dust: An Elysian Trail which will continue at a later date. Sadly, I didn’t get to play War for the Overworld since the non-Steam version hasn’t been released yet, and Mighty No 9 was delayed to September.

Due to circumstances at work, I may not have as much time to write as I did previously for the next month or two, but I should still be able to keep a good pace going. This will likely keep going into mid-June, but after that hopefully we’ll be able to get back to normal. But now that April is behind us… what’s next?

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