The Shadow’s Sixty Countdown – Rank 54-49

Recently we posted the first portion of our Shadow’s Sixty list, and I’m here today to share with you numbers 54 through 49! Our next six games range from real time strategy to fighting games to JRPGs. We have games set in alternate versions of modern Earth, in the distant past, and a couple of fantasy worlds.

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Weekly Recommendations – Entry Level

Interested in getting your feet wet in the many worlds of anime? Looking for a game that won’t put too much pressure on you if you’re not familiar with gaming? Looking for that book that’ll get you hooked on reading forever? Well, that’s our theme this week – today I’ll be offering you some games, anime, and books that will be great either if you’re interested in seeing what the fuss is, or if you have a friend and you want the right introduction that won’t scare them off…

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Weekly Recommendations – Holiday Timewasters

Today is a holiday here in Canada… but it’s not anything particularly special so you, like me, probably don’t have anything to do today… so I’d like to recommend a few games that will be great ways to eat through time. These are games where you’ll sit down and start playing and then before you realize it hours will have passed. I’ve even got a classic anime that would work perfectly for this.

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Transistor – Digital Harmony

Supergiant Games, creators of Bastion, have finally released their much anticipated hybrid between turn based gameplay and an action rpg: Transistor. In Transistor, you control Red, a famous activist singer in the digital city of Cloudbank. She is attacked by a group known as the Camarata using a sword-like weapon called the Transistor, but a man jumps in the way and is impaled instead. Red, her companion, and the Transistor are mysteriously teleported elsewhere and upon removing the Transistor she realizes that her companion’s mind seems to be trapped inside of it. She then sets out to pursue the Camarata, only to find out that entities known as the ‘Process’ are trying to destroy Cloudbank.

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Muses: The Best Games and Anime of 2013

I’m going to do this a lot more informal than previously, still trying to find just the right format. A full ‘best of the year’ awards list is awful pretentious for such a small site, especially since I have pretty specific tastes. And, it implies a level of comparison I’m not comfortable with. I don’t really feel that directly comparing games based off of ‘factual’ categories is fair to the games or shows themselves. There’s a reason I don’t use scores on any of my reviews… it just feels disingenuous. This year, it’s not going to be a categorical list, but rather a general list of favourites and a brief description of why. What was it about that title that made me feel it was exceptional or otherwise worthy of note? Did that title come out of nowhere and shock me? Did it do something truly new or unique?

This year’s best of the year will include a few entries from the very end of last year – things that didn’t quite make it into my hands before I did my last year’s Best of the Year post but that still deserve recognition. If it came out in November or December of 2012, it might well qualify for the 2013 Best of the Year – likewise, a lot of games from this year’s November have only just gotten into my hands and I can’t properly judge so they may be taken into the next year listings. This, sadly, does include both the PS4 and XBO which are not going to be included in this list. And, for those of you who were disappointed I didn’t include any anime content last year – this year (and going forward) anime will be a part of this list.

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