Sword Art Online 2 – Contrast

Last summer the second season of Sword Art Online aired. Having loved the first season, although the Fairy Dance arc didn’t quite live up to the quality of SAO’s first arc, I was extremely excited for the second season. The sheer volume of summer and fall reviews kept me from revisiting this for you guys prior to now, but #JRPGMonth seemed like a perfect opportunity to tackle this RPG oriented anime… so how did it compare to the first season?

Like SAO’s first season, SAO2 was split into two separate arcs. Unlike the first season, they took a bit of a break between the two arcs this time by offering a short story to wrap matters up. The first half of SAO2 was the Phantom Bullet arc, which then lead into the Calibur short story and closed matters out with the Mother’s Rosario arc. For the purposes of this review I’ll tackle the two arcs separately, since they differed so greatly.

Yuuki & Asuna
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Sailor Moon Crystal – Not Quite Nostalgia

Sailor Moon is one of the most well-known and well-loved series of all time. For many of us, myself included, it was among the first anime that helped to get us hooked on the medium… so it’s very exciting that it is being rebooted as Sailor Moon Crystal. This series was one of the progenitors of the Magical Girl genre, and is probably the most famous of them.

Sailor Moon Crystal takes us back to where it all started as Usagi meets Luna and the Sailor Guardians are born. Unlike the original anime adaptation, SMC is drawing more directly from the manga, so it should be different enough from its predecessor so as to not seem like just a copy.

The first half of the first season covers the Dark Kingdom arc, featuring Queen Beryl and her generals who are searching for the Legendary Silver Crystal.

The Sailor Scouts
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Shadow’s Six: 2014 Summer/Fall’s Best Anime

Alright everyone, it’s time. We’ve talked about the best anime of the first half of 2014, and we’ve discussed the best games and the biggest disappointments of last year but there’s still one gaping hole in what has been covered. And that, my friends, is where this list comes in… today we talk about the best 6 anime of the Summer and Fall seasons of 2014. Summer had some of the best anime I’ve ever watched, with new entries into virtually every genre that seemed promising, while fall featured several shows that completely defied my expectations. Both seasons featured tears, smiles, action, and magic – and there was some of the most amazing music I’ve ever heard – but which shows reign supreme?

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Weekly Recommendations – 2014’s New Beginnings

And so we begin the final week of 2014. Since New Years is a time both to reflect and for things to start anew, I figured the best topic for my recommendations for the week would be exactly that: New Beginnings. These are the anime that set the framework for something that could become amazing if given the chance to finish. Not only did these titles do something good in and of themselves, but they also have the potential to become so much more in time.

Since this is going to be just anime… I’m going to give you one from each season spanning a variety of different genres and styles. So here we go, some of the best beginnings of the year are within!

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Dramatical Murder – Rhyme or Reason?

Tired of all those harem animes that simply have too many women? Looking for one to cater to your pseudo-yaoi needs? Well… look no further! Dramatical Murder has you covered. Dramatical murder is a bromance harem anime that takes place in a world that looks like it came straight out of the nineties.

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