Shadow’s Six – 2014 Summer Anime Showcase

We’re about one month into the summer season, most of the season’s shows are somewhere around the 5-6 episode mark. Nearly halfway through this season, it’s time to share my six favourite shows thus far – the shows that I rush to watch the second they’re available. Let’s get this summer anime showcase started.

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Weekly Recommendations – Summer Releases

Gamers all know the ‘summer lull’ – that time between June and September when games simply do not come out… or well…. mostly don’t come out. There are still a few games that defy all standard accepted practices and release during the summer… and we also have the summer anime season each year. Today, I’d like to spotlight some of those brave games, as well as some of my favourite summer-released anime.

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Spoiler Alert – Sword Art Horizon

Sword Art Online’s first season and Log Horizon clearly share a lot of similarities. I’ve had a few people tell me, after watching a few episodes of the latter that it’s a rip off. In fact, when I first read the description, I thought the same. But as you get into Log Horizon, it becomes apparent that this is not at all the case. But let’s explore that in more detail by taking a deep look contrasting the two, shall we? This article, unlike my reviews, will not be spoiler free as I intend to discuss both shows in-depth, so if you’re concerned about spoilers… do not click the more link!

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Shadow’s Six – Anime Openings

I’ve been working on this one for a while… it has been a very difficult decision, but I’m finally ready to share my top six Anime openings of all time. You’d think that something like this would make for an easy decision… I mean, it’s just best openings right? But the people who make the Anime series so often do such a fantastic job on the openings so often… that it truly is an incredibly close running to pick a best opening between all of the various shows I’ve watched over my life. In this list, in cases where a show has multiple openings I’ve only picked the best opening from that show, otherwise this list might well be pretty heavily dominated by one or two series and that wouldn’t be any fun.

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Sword Art Online… or is it Alfheim Online?

So I wrote a post about the first arc of the Sword Art Online anime a few months ago when it concluded, but the first season of the show had more to offer than that. The second arc has just concluded, with the season finale, episode 25, airing today.

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